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Watched the movie Dreamcatcheryesterday. I am a big fan of Stephen King. I bought Dreamcatcher not because it was written by King but it was available for cheap in HMV.

I havent read the book so I had no expectations for the movie except I had scanned through the story line behind the DVD cover. Except for the movie Alien (first two parts) and Spieces - to certain extent, no other movie on Alien actually interested me. May be Abyss to some extent.

Dreamcatcher has an Alien theme. The story starts of in a typical King style. Few scenes reminds us of the movie IT. Four friends have a good alien!! friend. These four friends were give special powers by that alien.

They grow up and a whole town is invaded by bad aliens how the four of them destroy the bad aliens with the help of good alien forms the story line.

Except for few scenes there is nothing creepy or haunting in the movie.

The only thing I liked about the movie is the location. If you watch this movie in Sahara (i mean the desert) also…

Good Old Days

Have you played..

Fire in the mountain run run run?
kola kolaya mundhirika nariya nariya?
Colour Colour what colour do you choose?
Ringa Ringa roses?
Seven stones?
Bambaram with Apeat?
Goli - kuzhi raja rani?
Adicha Jaan ?
Police thirudan raja rani mandhiri?
Book cricket?
Odi pidichu?
Othaya retaya?
Dhaaya baas?

Gone are the days..


Will Blu-Ray be the successor of DVD?

Being a ardent DVD collector the concept of this new technology does worry me. What will happen to all the DVDs I have collected?

They do say Blu-Ray players are backward compatible and can play DVDs as well but if you are using a DVD player you should play a DVD in that similarly if you have a BD player you should play Blu-Ray.

Looks like they will also have regions but just 3 regions.

Currently the price of all BD players are very high as always they will come crashing if the technology catches up.

Is Blu-Ray going to be around for sometime or will vanish to give way to another technology? We have to wait and see.

Anaathai Factor

Though a big fan of Rajni I am sometimes not happy if main theme of his movie portrays Rajni as an "Anaathai" or a person who doesnt know his father. Yes If you turn back and do an analysis (puriyuthu i know u r asking me ithu romba mukyama) of his films he will not be knowing his parents in many of them. The repetitiveness sometimes puts me off especially if the movie keeps stressing on that fact or Sujatha is his mother.

Here is a list of movies I can think off

Thalapathi (Yes Maniratnam too)
Chandramukhi (Yes but the fact is not the main theme)
Kodi Parakuthu

If this is the fact about Rajni movies, the fact about tamil movies are still worse. Many movies have this Anaathai factor as their main theme.

Face Off

Are you interested in seeing how an innocent face looks like? I am talking about some faces like Paasa malargal Saavithri, Sivaji Kalyana parisu Gemini, Nenjil or aalayam kalyan kumar, Mouna raagam revathys dad. There were many B/W movies in which you can see those paal vadiyum faces. You may not find them in real world but let there are some places where you can find such faces.
Here are some places where you can find them
1) If you are familiar with churches, then go to a church on Sunday. Wait you have not seen the faces yet. When the Pastor calls for communion you can see people go to the altar and then come back. Observe the faces, everybody will look like how GOD intended them to be. You can rank eveyone as the best father, mother, brother, sister. Especially when they come back after taking the communion.
2) On any friday in a typical chennai family watch girls with in the age group of 16 to 23. When they get ready for kovil their face will undergo a change. All fashion elements w…


I came across this beautiful post on "waiting".

Just thought will add some more things to that post as I recently went through an agony of waiting for a specific thing. Firstly Balaji has captured many things beautifuly about this waiting. I agree with almost all his views.

The one thing I want to add more is waiting for an exam is really a pain. In school we keep counting the days when the exam will be over. Especially as Balaji has mentioned History & Geography will be the last exam. With the book in hand we will be dreaming about what to do after the exam. It is an horrible wait.

If you are taking an online exam the wait for the result to appear on the screen after you have clicked the button "Evaluate answers" can be recommended another dreadful wait.

In our school those days after the exams, miss or sir used to bring the corrected exam papers and slowly he will untie the bundle. He will then distribute the papers calling the roll number or name. The moment we …


I wished a person today. He walked away without reciprocating. It is an embrassing situation.

We can calm ourselves by thinking

a) That guy would not have noticed me
b) That guy should be having some severe problem so he was preoccupied with that thought
c) I was not loud enough for him to notice
d) May be i never wished him. I only thought of wishing him. No words came out of my mouth

We dont want to think

a) That guy heard me but wantedly ignored me
b) That guy was afraid of talking to me so he had shut himself away from the environment, he walked quickly past me

Most of us do avoid people. When we notice someone whom we are allegic to coming towards us. We take out mobile phone and immediately start reading old SMS's. We start making panic calls to persons whom we would have never called in first place. We walk back making some action oh i forgot to bring my note book. This goes on and on..

We never realise how the other guy would be feeling at that point.

Whatever this kind of situation …

Chennai Auto

This is in reponse to PK's post in his blog. You can find it here and here

The problem is not just with auto drivers. If it is then making india a better place to live becomes very easy. Sadly the problem is in the way people think. Everybody looks for extra money. Many of them are willing to pay more to get extra benefits. Its a vicious cycle.
An auto driver would be happy to take a clean shaven north indian guy and a beautiful girl accompanying him (IT people) as they wouldnt be questioning him much on the fare rather than taking a common man who bargains for 5 rubees.
Making it corporate wont change a persons mentality. For example let us assume you buy some items from a big company and ask for home delivery. the person who delivers the stuff looks for some extra money. If you dont give he is unhappy.
This is what will happen if you make it corporate also. Individual drivers will look for something extra. How much extra will make them happy?Someone will be happy with whatever you g…


Sivaji (Rao) -> Rajini -> Sivaji

Life and Ladder

Life is like a vertical ladder. Imagine a ladder firmly placed on the ground, standing vertically with its other end going beyond the clouds into the sky. People hand onto each step of that ladder. The steps are moving continuously as it moves in an escalator towards the sky. Those who are having enough wealth are like people hanging onto the steps with both hands and the steps are ergonomically designed for them. People with little wealth are like people hanging onto the ladder with only one hand or hanging on to crooked steps and struggling. Wealthy people also can’t hold onto the comforting steps for ever without pain. The difference is the pain is lesser than the pain of a poor person.

People dependent on others don’t hang on the steps but they hang on to the people who are hanging onto the steps.

The more people dependent on you the more difficult it gets for you to keep hanging onto the ladder. People who lose their life due to unnatural reason are like people who fall down unable…

One Two Three

Giving numbers is a lot better I have been to some gatherings where they do something more sinister. Now everyone with same number forms a group. You see in that group two guys know each other and there is one girl. You start thinking how the girl will be feeling to be among a crowd of guys. In your group there will be one guy who looks more mature he will start by saying let us introduce ourselves. He will show a restrained enthusiasm by which he means he wants to win by any means. You rehearse in your mind what to tell about you and what not. You notice carelessly when the girls talks about herself and feel jubiliant that she is a junior to you. When it is your chance you tall all that you didnt practice in you mind.
Now the conductor assigns some interesting !!! group excercises which you have to work it out with pure strangers. People in your team start talking most of which seem to you like "what one earth are they saying?". The mature guy suddenly forms an affinitiy wit…

One Two ..

Most of us who would have participated in any Team event would have faced the situation. You walk into the room find lot of strangers. You search for a familiar face among the crowd. Ah Ha There is a familiar face. Under normal circumstances you would have walked into a shop which you are not interested whenever you notice this guy accidentaly in the street but today he looks like a ripe apple. You walk to him and start an useless conversation. You look around the room and find expect you everybody knows each other. The instructor or the conductor of the program walks in and asks us to count number of people in the room. Mind it this normally happens at the very start of the meeting or whatever. You can see atleast 5 or 6 people getting up and couunting each coming up with a different number. There will be a huge laugh and then they will come to conclusion on the right count.

All this while you will be watching what was so funny in that. You will be happy that the person next to you di…

Ponniyin Selvan

I watched Shallow Hal for the second time yesterday. I was reminded of Ponniyin Selvan in Tamil. Both the movies tried to look at Physical deformities in a lighter vein. Thought i didnt like the ending of Ponniyin Selvan (Hero's mother dying part) it was a very good movie.

Both movies had enough reason to turn into tearjerkers. Except for occasional senti dialogues both the movies take us through some hilarious moments.

Jack Black was great in Shallow Hal. Gwyneth Paltrow didnt have much to do though the movies runs around her. The one who comes as Jack Black was also great. The movie has a feel good end.

I liked Ravi krishna's style of acting in Ponniyin Selvan. May be for the reason he gets irritated for silly reasons as I do. May Dialogues between Revathy and Ravikrishna were very natural.

In Shallow Hal Jack Black starts loving Gwyneth Paltrow though she is awfully fat. Gopika in Ponniyin Selvan has a crush on Ravi krishna though his face is deformed. True love is this, but is…

Good Old Days

Does any of this remind you of anything?

"Pencille ooku udainju pochu"
"ink gaali aagiduchu"
"rubber tholainju pochu"
"Geometry box thulainju pochu"
"homework note bookaee tholainju pochu"
"Fever" (when we say this the time we enjoyed playing hand cricket will run in our small mind)
"Stomach ache" (this is used more than fever)
"No current" (when we say this the time we enjoyed watching tv will run in our small mind)
"Ooruku poiten"

but the one that beats all the above is

"i forgot" (when we say this we will be reminded of how many times our conscience reminded us and how simply we ignored it)

all the above are some reasons we (atleast me) give for not doing our homework

Note : Some reasons stated above can be used for various other cause also such as taking leave

PS: this post does not encourage you to use these under any circumstances

Crocodile Hunter

Yesterday I was watching him on TV. He was struggling with a giant crocodile with lot of people. Today I read in rediff that he is no more. He has died when filming some underwater stuff.
Everyone who likes watching discovery channel, Animal Planet or NGC, definitly will miss him.

More about steve here

Steve Irwin - we will miss you!.

GOD be with his family and friends at this time.

Vetayadu Vilayadu

First kudos to Kamal and Gautam for coming up with a film which is above normal Tamil film standards. In the past there have been investigative Tamil movies but Vetayadu Vilayadu stands different from those movies.

For those who are familiar with Television shows like CSI and movies Hannibal Series, will be able to notice lot of similarities between VV and those.

For those who expected a different movie from Kamal can be happy as this is a very different movie for him. But for those who expected a different movie from Gautam will be disappointed as the movie resembles KK in many ways such as repetition of Character names, movie plot, song picturisation and placement of songs.

Nowadays a new trend is noticeable in tamil movies where the honest guy kills the bad guy with all vengeance examples Saami, KK, Dhool, We can feel the punches ourselves.

The movie starts of promisingly with one such fighting scene between Kamal and bad guys with the impact as mentioned above. And then Kamal is pulle…