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Pokkiri Vijay - 3

Read part 2 here

Now our hero is in villains den with villain laughing like a hyenna.

"dei nee enna periya sathyava illae baashava ooruku help panariya. pinni pinni pinniduven jaakrathai" villain growls.

"anna naan baasha, sathya range ku ellam illeengana. avanga ellam evlo periyavanga. aana avanga ellarum ennoda guru ngana" hero talks sarcastically.

"nee enna periya kadavula olunga nee un velai paaru naan en velai paakren" villain.

"kadavul, naan kadavul ellam illeengana naan verum manushan than "

uttering this dialogue hero walks away in slow motion, villain just looks at him walking away without shooting him.

next scene hero veedu hero comes in.

Nasser and heros mother comes running

"enna pa enna aachu? yaaro unne thookitu poitanganu intha ponu sona."

camera zooms in to show heroine behind heros mom.

hero now acts as if if he is hurt. "romba adichitanga ma enna. sorry ma inikum paal vaanagle"

"athu viduda intha ponu kondu vandhut…

Pokkiri Vijay - 2

Read Part 1 here

After the mass song we directly move to Villains Den. He is angry because someone has beat his goondas black and blue.

"enna da ippdi adi vaangitu vandhu nikareenga vekama illae. yaar avan. naaliku ithey neram avan inge irukanum"

cut panarom nera next day morning porom.

Nasser wakes up Vijay "inikavuthu olunga poi paal vaangitu vaa"

Camera now trys to capture the athigalai chennai beautifuly. As our hero comes out he hears a song and yes intro of heroine singing a song in that early morning. Camera focuses on morning dew, sun rays, the calmness of chennai. Hero falls flat for heroine. Song ends Heroine also comes to buy milk since hero was keen watching heroine he didnt notice milk was over in the shop and they closed it.

He is now afraid of his father so he pleads to milk vendor but he says no. Herione feels sorry for him and "en kite rendu cover iruku onu neenga eduthukonga"

Hero all smiles goes to take it and just then a maruti van comes. ten…

Pokkiri Vijay - 1

Nowadays it is very easy to come up with story for our young heros. Name them Vijay, Ajith, Vishal or Simbu it is easy to write a story for them. Suddenly these people stop doing films saying no good story available. Then they come up with a movie and you go and see that that the movie is nothing but old wine in new bottle. On this line here is a story outlined for our young heros. For you to picturise the happenings in your mind you can assume the hero as Vijay and heroine as Asin.

Now lets go to the movie.

The first scene opens with heavy rain. Very few people in road. We show our hero standing in queue to buy milk. He has a plastic bag in his hand and is holding an umbrella. After buying the milk he is walking home very innocently.

Then our camera zooms on to a roadside fruit vendor who is not feeling well but for his livelyhood selling fruits in that heavy rain. Now camera zooms on to three or four kaithadis of villain coming collecting maamool. They come to the sick vendor and ask f…

Ularatha Ratham

The title of this blog is a famous title of Rajesh Kumar's tamil novel. Those who are familiar with tamil novels must have heard of Rajesh Kumar. He played a major role in inculcating the reading habit in me. His novels used to be such an attraction. He along with Asokan used to do a monthly named Crime Novel. There used to be a tag on top of each issue saying "India's largest selling monthly novel". The coimbatoorilirindhu trunkcall section through which Rajesh Kumar puts forth his views on general happenings used to be another attraction.

Now going back to the title this was the first book I read by Rajesh Kumar and believe me it made me loose my sleep. I read this novel somewhere between 1985 and 1989.

The story is about a family moving to a new bungalow they have bought recently. It starts off with the family going for the grahapravesam in a car. This family starts to experience some bad things from the first day.

There's a scene where a head comes out of a hole…


I read in todays Hindu that Traffic police in chennai are going to be more strict on traffic rules violators. It was mentioned that they are considering increasing the fine for Traffic rule violations such as stopping beyond stop line, to Rs.1000.

Having been in London for sometime I have observed here the fine for any rules violations is very high atleast thats what they advertise. If you dont get you TV licence which just costs 130 GBP you may have to pay a fine of 1000 GBP. If you dont pay your council tax on time, your right to pay in installment is revoked and you end up paying 1000 GBP in one shot. There is no way you can escape without paying congestion charge if you plan to use car inside London. If you dont have valid tickets you have to pay a big amount as fine. They advertise these things very well in all prominent places. You are made to read those things again and again so that you dont violate any rules.

Though apart from fines the attitude of the people to respect rules a…


Chennai is now eagerly expecting the implementation of Electronic meter for Autos. People as usual are expecting this will solve all the problems they face with Auto drivers. Todays Hindu points out that the mechanical meters they have currently can be easily tampered by mechanics in Pudupet. Though everyone is aware of the term "Soodu vecha meter" the Hindu article just confirms it. Now whether the meter is hot or not didnt matter till now as the drivers never used the meters. I have never seen a driver using a meter in his Auto.

Now bringing electronic meter will it solve the problem? We always thought computerising things will make our society corruption free. But in reality has it? Driving licence issuing, voter card issuing, passport issuing and name whatever everything has been computerised but corruption still exists. Computers or Electronics wont bring in moral changes in People. Adding counters in traffic signals hasnt changed the mentality of notorious motorists.

As …


People go to Ooty, Kodaikanal, Shimla or Goa to have a good time. I have also seen people enquiring about what to visit in Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari. I have also seen people going to Mayajaal or Marina to enjoy.

We must have also notice people buying cone ice and cup ice eagerly to enjoy the taste. Some people even prefer Baskin & Robbins to Hagen Daz. For a poor child the ice cream vendor who stands outside the school gate during lunch time is like GOD. The child eagerly waits for the lunch time quickly finishes its lunch and runs to the icecream guy and asks for a kuchi ice and devours it like a Lion devouring its prey. While enjoying the taste it also enviously looks at another child who bought a different ice cream with semiya(noodle) in it.

Some people prefer Whisky while some dismiss it and go for Vodka with Lime.

Going back to the first paragraph how will Ooty or Kodaikanal or Rameshwaram feel for a resident pichaikaran (beggar)? Will he enjoy those place?

In the second Para Wh…

Saying - 1

I work to live

I live to work

~ Arisotes


This word is something which is used a lot by us humans. Enough is something which is used least. We always have the habit of biting more than we could chew. This habit is something which becomes a part of us from childhood. But, I do know some people who use 'enough' a lot than 'more'.
I have observed as a kid my deskmate as soon as he gets his corrected paper in hand will go through the total hoping the teacher would have missed some marks due to incorrect totaling. If he finds the mistake he will immediately run and ask for more marks. If he doesnt find a mistake he will look for answers which the teacher has missed to put marks, if that door is also close he will look for answers for which he thinks he deserves more.

I have seen people who include atleast 1 cm of of someones or governments land to their side with the excuse of relaying the fence.

We see people who ask for one more extra sappota or pala sulai or orange palam or apple bargaining with the vendor in train…


Thinking about a non repetitive heading is becoming a headache nowadays so I have kept the heading for this posting as just Heading.

Lot of serious weather change is happening. I heard Delhi had its coldest winters with temperature falling well below 2 degrees on the contrary London has been quite warm for its usual self. Normally the temperature in London around December, January and February should be below 5 degress but this time it has been hovering around 10 degrees consistently and add to that the rain which has been lashing the city for the past 3 weeks. The rain and warm weather has become a cycle. The warm weather has brought the rain and the rain has inturn made it warm. Could it all be due to global warming?

Many of IT giants announced their quarterly earnings almost all of them doing good.

Nowadays I can see lot of advertisements in TV on websites. It's kind of different for the eyes which has been accustomed to only advertisements on feelable products. It shows us how th…

Aalwar - Review

Aalwar - Review I had the choice of watching Guru, Pokiri or Aalwar and I chose Aalwar. For some reason Abhishek Bachan doesnt interest me and I had no interest in watching a Vijay film. But now I regret my decision now, Guru atleast should have given me some satisfaction as it is a Maniratnam flick.

Take Naan Sigapu Manithan, Indian and Anniyan put it in a mixer and you get Aalwar but Aalwar lacks the punch delivered by its predecessors. I genuinely wished Ajith would give a blockbuster this time but the director has made a mess out of the movie.

If you are interested in the story line of Aalwar its the same as the three movies mentioned above. Ajith and his loving family become victims of goondas and now Ajith turns into a Vigilante, wherever anyayam happens he will be there. But the problem is the director has handled the movie very poorly. Not a single positive point comes to my mind when thinking about this movie.

The comedy part by Vivek & co is a total disaster. Romance between…

My Friend Joe

I looked at my son getting ready for his school function. I took my glasses blew hot air and wiped them clean. My wife was putting on him the blazer we bought for him for the special occasion. She looked at me and gave me a smile. I smiled back. Memories of my school days came flooding. I had a very tough childhood. I was different from the other children in the school. When everyone preferred to play baseball I spent time painting, when everyone spent time playing pranks on each other I spent time painting, when everyone else was doing something other than painting, I spent time painting.

I talked less, wore a thick glass and had a stupid grin (at least that’s what my schoolmates (if I can call them mates) used to say). With that kind of description I was the target for everyone to vent out their frustration on someone stronger than them. I have been beaten countless times in the name of fun. They always made an ass out of me and laughed their guts out. When things were going beyond c…


Life has become nothing but a futile exercise of wealth gathering. The activity has percolated to such an extent that the only thing we do in our life is to gather wealth.

If you observe a dove it does not eat when it is hungry it just keeps eating always, whether it is hungry or not. The moment it finds a piece of bread it devours it like a beast.

Man has also become like that. The only thought that runs through his mind is how to gather more weatlh? How to prevent wealth loss? What should I store and save for future?

By this he wastes most of his presentense and also dies without enjoying the vast wealth he gathered to enjoy.

There are people who buy things more than they can use. Take any middle class family it will have in its loft hundreds of unused vessels but there are people who doest have a container to drink water. If a middle class can hide so much of unused wealth what about the rich and elite?

We buy a ground in sholinganallur and another in singaperumal koil and we know for …


Everybody will remember Vijayshanthi who played a memorable role against Rajni in Mannan. Sometime back there were news she was campaigning for BJP as did our own Gouthami. Today I read in hindu that she is the president of a political party which means she has started a political party. It makes me wonder from where people get the guts to start political parties. For long the trend is if your movie runs well then you are eligible to start a political party. One thing which we fail to notice is though many tried only very few succeeded and among those who succeeded only very few involves in active politics. Once they get elected they are not scene in news till the next election.

The pinnacle of that was the recently over TN election where almost the entire film fraternity was in politics and made a joke out of themselves. This is not a phenomenon which haunts India alone. Lot of Hollywood people do participate in their country's politics.

If there is one person who failed to use his…

Mullai Periyar

Mullai Periyar is now becoming a bigger issue. Few months back I was not even aware that such a dam existed. Now people stopped talking about Cauvery and are talking about only Mullaiperiyar.

There is an important thing that we notice here. Everyone whether an individual or government works on a problem only when it is burning. If it is a potential problem they dont take care of it unless it becomes a problem.

We too have the same mentality. When we were kids we used to study only during exams but we very well know that we have to be prepared before the exam comes. We postpone things till they become real problems then start blaming everyone from the beggar who comes at 3 PM to GOD the omnipotent.

The best time to fix a problem is when it is just a potential problem waiting to happen. Govt should have worked on this Mullai Periyar issue long time before it snowballed into a problem. Now when cauery is not a burning issue this is the right time to find a solution for it.

Yes, there are pr…


Basically I have a strong aversion to violence in real life. Though violence in Cinema does affect me but not to the point as the real life violence. I get disturbed when I watch two people fighting verbally. With such being the case I watched the last minutes if Saddam few days back about which I wrote here. That footage which just showed till the noose being put on Saddams neck affected me a lot.

After not having learnt the lesson from watching the footage I dared to watch another clip which showed the actual execution. The thing that prompted me to watch that video was the news that appeared yesterday in Hindu and few other websites. The sites reported that the people who executed Saddam behaved rudely with him just before execution but to the contrary the first video footage only showed everything appearing calm. So I decided to watch the second clip.

According to the new item the verbal confrontation between Saddam and the others happened before he was brought inside the execution …


I am now giving a devlish grin to my brothers in other four metros where CAS has been brought in from this new year. When CAS was introduced in chennai the part which was worrying me was why only chennai should suffer. Now all are suffering but the optimism shown by some saying CAS would be rolled back gives me creeps. If it is rolled back only in the three metros and if it continues in chennai alone it will be heartbreaking but only consoling fact is chennai will be more westernised atleast with respect to cable television. DTH will pick in chennai than other cities. I heard Sun plans to become pay channel (dont know if it has already become one) this will force many in chennai to move to CAS or DTH.

I still remember the days when Eknaath video guys gave one page advt in Hindu about 100 channels for some XXX Rs. Finally they surutified all the money. Gone are the days we now have solid players. With Tata-Sky JV it is only going to become better.

Here in UK I dont have cable but when I …


கடந்த வருடத்தில் நான் பார்த்த திரைப்படங்களில் நான் மிகவும் ரசித்த படம் தவமாய் தவமிருந்து. சோகத்தை வெளிப்படுத்துவதில் சேரனை மிஞ்ச ஆளே இல்லை என்றே சொல்லும் அளவுக்கு வெளுத்து வாங்கி இருந்தார். படம் ஆரம்பத்தில் இருந்து முடிவு வரை மனிதன் மூழ்கி போகும் அளவுக்கு சோகம் ஆனால் அதில் ஒரு சதவீதம் கூட சினிமாத்தனம் இல்லை. இயக்குனர் சேரனா அல்லது நடிகர் சேரனா என்று பட்டி மன்றமே வைக்கலாம். ராஜ்கிரணை அந்த தந்தை வேடத்திற்க்கு தேர்ந்தெடுத்ததில் இருந்து ஒவ்வொரு காரியமும் அருமை.

கடந்த வாரத்தில் தான் சேரனின் ஆட்டோகிராப் பார்க்கும் வாய்ப்பு அமைந்தது. தவமாய் படத்தில் இருந்த ஒரு ரியலிஸம் ஆட்டோகிராப்பில் இல்லை. ஆனால் சேரனின் நடிப்பு அபாரம். சேரன் ஒரு சாதரண மனிதனை மிகவும் அருமையாக வெளிப்படுத்துகிறார்.

அவரின் மாயக்கண்ணாடி படத்தை நான் இப்போதிருந்தே ஆவலுடன் எதிர்ப்பார்க்க ஆரம்பித்து விட்டேன்.


I happened to see the video clip which showed the last minutes of Saddam Hussein, lot of mixed feelings went through my mind. I came to know of Saddam around early 1990's during the gulf war. The news about the war used to…