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Chennai Heat

On sunday I travelled to Singaperumal kovil by Chennai electric train. A lot has changed after the broad guage has been introduced. the train looks really big with lot of space inside. But I am not here to discuss about the train. On sunday till 12.30 it was cloudy and we started. Before we could reach the station to catch the train I was tired. The heat was not burning but it was making us feel suffocated. The air was thick and very humid. It was like we were placed in a huge oven. By the time we reached singaperumal kovil it was 1.45 PM and clouds disapeared and Sun was out there now it was both burning and humid. I felt I will collapse anytime. I had to keep drinking water every few minutes. when returning added to the heat the train took its own time to come back to the city.Overall it was very this rate we dont have to be surprised when we hear about things bursting into flame on its own in the new future.


The view on spiderman has changed from what it was when we were just watching the 15 minutes cartoon on sunday afternoon in DD. I was not too keen to watch the Movie version of spiderman. I just bought the DVD one day as no other DVD was available.

Spiderman movies has amazing sound effects and are technically brilliant. The story in itself is a lot different from normal spiderman cartoon. we get to see the human side of spiderman. Maguire and Dunst are interesting to watch.

I was very much impressed with the trailer of Spiderman - 3. Amazing effects both on picture as well as sound.

My wrong time I decided to take OMR on Thursday and it was one hell of a ride which can beat any rides in a theme park.

Sivaji Scoop

From my rendu vita chithapa paiyans cubicle comes a scoop about sivaji.

Sivaji is a supernatural story which deals with poorva jenmam. Mottai Rajini is from Poorva jenmam. It goes more on the line of Terminator. Mottai Rajini from the past comes to save the normal Rajini in future to save him from the villains. Villains from past are trying to use villains in future to kill future rajini. How all works out forms the rest of the story.

Story line looks great but whether out guys will be able to understand the story is the question.

shriya does a double role one modern girl in future and another soft girl in the past.

thanks for reading till the last line.

Weekend Updates

Weekend went to some shops in chennai. The places I hit in the order I visited are G.N.Chetty road, Alwarpet, Adyar, Pondy Bazaar. The traffic snarls in T.Nagar area is worse beyond imagination. I was unable to walk through the road. You need specific skill to walk in that road. I was not able to go into any of the shops as the shops were crowded beyond their limit but still I squeezed through. The crowd makes it look like they are distributing things for free. Though its good people are spending but as there are no means for a hassle free shopping its very tiring.

Everyday coming to office is becoming a big ordeal both from travel point of view and interest in work point of view. From childhood I envy those people who sit behind the kalla whose job is to simply collect the money and return the change. Especially the guy who are in the counters in hotels.

Saw few scenes from the movie Unnale Unnale it looked interesting.

Nanganallur Traffic

In Palavanthangal there are two one ways one towards Nanganallur from the Palavanthangal subway and another one from Nanganallur towards the subway. Most of the time I see people trying to use the oneways as bidirectional. They check if there are any traffic police and then they use the road in a wrong way. The morons dont realise that if they simply follow the rule they will make their destination with just 30 seconds difference. If you assume the roads to be one way and go without care you will be kncoked down in few seconds. This attitude of our guys is really a pain. These guys will never change in 1000 years.
The change made near Guindy, Little mount and Rajbhavan proves to be a success. But the moment you cross the SPIC building it is horrible. The share auto guys make you want to scream.


If the millions and millions of visitors who visit this blog frequently finds this post repetitive I apologise. This is something which happens to me every day and if I dont express it I might die early because of heart attack.

Everyday reaching home intact is a miracle. Those who dont believe in miracle please believe now as all chennai road users experience miralce day to day.

The utter disregard for traffic rules in chennai roads is a very pleasent experience. There are two people who irritate you the ones who go very slow in the center of the road even though the road is free of traffic and not giving way to people behind them. The other category is when you have a giant sized lorry or bus before you and you yourself are struggling to overtake there will be people behind you who will be sitting on their horns. The most frequent honkers are pulsar riders. Pulsar riders can be tolerated but autowallas and tvs 50 guys will sometime be honking when the speed that they can go at max will…

Customer Service

In chennai the level of customer service you get depends most of the time on value of your make up. Chennai has lot of sudstandard showrooms. When they launched Viveks in Adyar I expected a shop with the standards of Media Market or Best Buy but we got another substandard shop. Vasanth & co, VGP, Viveks and many more shops which operate just in small sq ft rooms. You have lesser variety and you cannot roam around on your own. The moment you enter the shop people will start tailing you asking what we want. Only in TVs you can see lot of variety in the showrooms all other products you cant find variety.

The product knowledge the salesperson has also most of times are limited and this is the same whichever country you go. In Chennai I find it difficult to go to shops just to enquire about the products because the moment the sales persons finds out we are there just to enquire the service level decreases.

There are some shops in chennai where I found the customer service to be excellen…

Sega Fighta

I always wanted a Rajini movie to have songs like Boys, Kaadhalan, Indian etc. Deva always gave a dandanakka songs for Rajini and that became the defacto standard for Rajini movies. Even AR had to follow the same path.

Sivaji being a Shankar movie I was expecting Shankar type songs. After hearing Sivaji songs I am not able to conclude whether this is what I expected. Definitley the songs are different. I liked all the songs but can Sivaji be called the best of AR or Shankar? I dont know may be I dont want to answer.

I keep humming Sega fighta song atleast 100 times a day. I listen to Vaaji Vaaji and Sahana song atleast thrice a day. If Rajini's factor was not there would I have done the same with these songs?

In the corner of my heart I still feel it could have been better.

150 CC Ba*t***s

Chennai is bustling with 150 CC Ba*t***s who care two hoots about other people in the roads. If we look at who is the reason for all the chaos in the roads the toppers would be Autowallahs and two wheeler riders. They always try to snake through the traffic not caring about anyone else on the road. According to them they are the only people in the road.

With the invent of powerful bikes (thanks to Bajaj) the scene in chennai roads have worsened. They ride in the roads like minnal taking a normal 100 CC or 50 CC two wheeler guys by surprise. Instead of Ramadoss (refer previous post) fighting for banning several things he cantake up the cause of banning bikes above 100 CC. With the kind of roads we have India is eligible to use only bicycle and nothing more than that.

Bajaj is planning to come up with even more powerful bikes. Its just a disaster (not for bajaj) waiting to happen.


PMK now wants to ban cricket for 5 years. In the recent past if we look closely PMK virtually wants to ban all entertainment.

1) All bars to be banned
2) Cigeratte smoking should be banned
3) Cricket should be banned
4) Cinema should be banned
5) Youth should be banned to go out after 8 PM
6) TV should be banned
7) Hindi should be banned
8) New chennai city development should not open.

At this rate he will ban smiling, laughing, being happy etc.

Note: All the above will be allowed if you are member of PMK

Great going Mr.Doss.