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Meet Joe Black

Saw this movie this weekend. The concept of this movie is very interesting. What if death comes to visit us as a person? Though the movie has a morbid theme it is not depressing. Infact it is a very interesting movie, makes us think a lot. At no point it tries to play with our emotions though there is lot of scope to do so.

Anthony Hopkins is awesome, after The Silence of the Lambs we see a totally different Hopkins. Brad Pitt though is made to show no emotion he scores as well. Claire Forlani is beautiful. The coffee shop scene in the beginning is a beautiful scene.

Though we don't hear much music during the movie there are few scenes where the music score just takes you to a different world.

A very good movie just sit back and indulge in it.

Srilankan Tamils

This is one issue which is raging on for ages. I remember when I was very young wearing black badges to show our support to the suffering Tamil People in Srilanka. I personally know some Srilankan Tamils and have heard their plight directly from them.

Now a solution for this issue should be found no second thoughts on that but what is happening in TN is ridiculous. Every person worth 2 cents makes big statements against Srilanka. When issuing such statements they make it look like some fight between kindergarden students. To top it all the DMK government asks all it ministers to resign. They say by this they are showing their commitment to this issue. An animal with just one sense can identify that these are nothing but acts which are not genuine. Looks like no body is interested in finding real solution they just play this issue to their tune.

One important thing is whoever uses this issue to their own benefit very well know that they are putting their life at risk but still they go ah…


Saw this movie on Saturday. This movie is considered a cotnroversial movie because of some very open dialogue and also because of its theme.

Only after the movie was over I realised there were only 4 characters in the entire movie and it kept me hooked on to it for its entire run. Not a single dull moment. Though the ending was confusing because of which I felt little lost but still the movie was a very different experience.

After hearing things like this movie is about adultery and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna was inspired by this movie I was expecting a striaghtforward movie on adultery not it is not so. Its not about adultery its more than that.

What good about Closer? The dialogues. The characters are very open and frank we sometimes find we will never react that way in real life.

You will not regret watching this movie go for it, if you havet watched it yet.


When we look at the bigger picture, it is interesting to note how tiny we are in this world. As a line is composition of infinite number of points, the world is composed of millions and millions (or crores and crores) of tiny individuals like us.

Some people might seem to be bigger but in reality they are also very tiny. Very few realise this but many dont. We brood over our problems day and night, try to accumulate as much as wealth as possible but there exist people who doesnt own a thing but still live peacefuly. People may argue that everybody has problems in their own scale but still their heart is not as loaded as others sufferers.

Days are rolling faster, there used to be a time when it will look like Diwali comes only once in a decade and when it comes it will come with a bang. But now it looks like just yesterday we had last diwali and here comes another one.

No one knows the bigger picture, thats why so much confusion.

Wish life was less sophisticated.