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Class Act

World over its always a serious roles that gets recognised as class act. In west mostly movies that deal with serious subjects such as WWII, AIDS, Holocausts etc will easily get nominated for Oscar but very rarely you will find a light movie getting nominated or recognised.

This is still more predominant in our country. What prompted me to write this blog is the way Nana Patekar is getting recognised for this role in Bommalattam. I dont have anything against Nana Patekar he is a good actor but his looks and mannerisms always goes well with only serious roles. And remember serious roles will be immediately recognised and he gets projected as the best.

Samething goes for Kamal Hassan, whenever Kamal does a serious role with an overdose of sadness it immedialty gets categorised as Class Act. His acting in other commercial movies are not compared in par with those movies.

My say is movies can be compared like that whether it had stuff in it or not but as far as acting goes the work involved …

Vaaranam Aayiram

Saw this movie last thursday. People call it a class movie here. These so called people categorise cretain people as class actor, class director. Anything done by these people will be categorised as class irrespective of the quality. Surya and Gautham being from such a group there is no surprise in people calling it class.

Positives first Sameera reddy looks good and the romance between Surya and Sameera has been captured well though it might defy any logic. We can enjoy all the silly things done by Surya.
The Dad Surya make up is excellent nothing like putting lot of wrinkled skin. With minimal make up he brings out the look very well. His body language is very well. He has not overacted. Some people might argue on the term oceracting lets leave it aside.

Negatives? - This director has tried to make this movie look like an epic on Fathers love but the movie doesnt convey it. The movie is more about the son and not the dad. Just that the son keeps saying "You are my inspiration Dad…


After the inaugration of the subway can we say the traffic situation has improved? Yes and No. Removing bottle neck from one location and not removing at another point only adds to the chaos. Guindy is one major bottle neck. The guindy bridge which was considered new when compared to the old one which was replaced does not have enough width which was evident when it was constructed also. But as it is practiced in India we dont believe in prevention rather we believe in treating the disease and that too not future proof. So now Guindy is one big pain.

On the other side all the long distance buses now stop in front of Sankara Nethralaya causing huge choas. Everyday there is some fight happening with that small place turning out to be next Koyambedu. Any blind guy can also see what is happening, but our traffic regulators are turning a blind eye over that and they will act only when a fatal accident happens at that place.

Another Attack

Another attack on India and here is another post on it. Terrorist attacks have become like a cup of tea. The guys who were simply planting bombs got tired of it and came into the city with guns and grenades.

There is no point in blamig politicians and police. They will attack you whatever protective measures you take. The only thing we can do is delay the attack. If not X, Y will be killed in the attack.

Thirudanai paarthu thiruntha vital thirutai olika mudiyathu. Sad reality,