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Delhi - 6

Saw Delhi - 6 last week. The movie has been torn apart by almost everyone. This movie is from the director if Rang De Basanti and people compared this movie to that movie and told nothing is there in Delhi - 6.

For Rang De Basanti was not a great movie but it was a good movie. Delhi - 6 again has lot of similarities to that movie. There's even the song delhi - 6 which resembles the Looose control in RDB.

In this movie too the director has taken a national problem, the hindu-muslim divide, and has tried to look at it from a different angle called "GOD is within everyone". The only problem is all this happens in the last 15 minutes of the movie and believe me till that point there is nothing. The movie just goes on and on with loads and loads of characters roaming around here and there.

The climax which too was similar to RDB has been changed for some reason to a positive ending. On the whole we should appreciate the director for the message and to some extent the way he chos…

Bloody spit

When you walk through the subway from Park to Central you can see lot of blood on the walls of the subway. Thats what I call the bloody spit.

After IT, Infrastructure improvements Chennai is no more unattractive to north indians There are people who raise flag when we split Indians into north and south the purpose of this post is not that. We can see many people from north in Chennai nowadays. Sometime back when you travel from Chennai towards north as soon as we cross Arakkonam everything will start to have a North or Hindi feel. It will be like moving into a different country altogether.

One distinct habit that you find common among many people in north is chewing Pan Parag. Tamilnadu has its own habit of chewing Betel leaves though its prevalent in south. Chennai though doesnt have this habit of chewing Pan or Betel it's people had the habit of spitting. With many people migrating to chennai in search of work in construction industry nowadays its common to see people from Bihar, …

Whats up?

Its been quite sometime I posted something on this blog. Lack of time, Lack of interest, Lack of readers and Lack of what not. Now also I dont have anything to post except for some cribbings.

A road was in shambles for more than a year suddenly one politicions visit made sure the potholes were fixed. This is our current state.

Srilankan Issue

I remember posting long time back on this issue but now again it has surfaced but now it looks like this will be over once and for all. I am not here to discuss what is right and what is wrong.

But this is one issue which has been misused by our politicians to a great extent. But all those politicians are still living but one guy has killed himself for this cause. What is the logic behind that? If he dies will everybody get afraid and stop war and live peacefuly? Its height of ignorance.

I read once "Dying for a country is good but its still more good to live for it" which can also be read as "Dying for a cause is good but its still more good to live for it". By living you can make many more things. If you die by some other reason its something not in our hands but suicide it hopeless.

The politicians who doesnt want to shade away from limelight are holding this issue on top of their head. If they get something else they will hang on to it in the name of justice. Its…


I made the mistake of watching Villu. I have never considered Ghilli and the so called Pokkiri as movies worth watching. The only movie of Vijay I still consider good is Kadhaluku Mariyadhai where he was his self. But down the line he has lost his self style and always wears a mask. In Villu you can say 90% Rajini and 10% MGR. So the movie simply looks like a lollu sabha.

From the begining till the ending there is not a single scene worth watching. The peak of insanity is they promoted this movie as Indian James Bond movie. Either they have watched only few of James Bonds movie posters are they assumed the movie watchers are bird brained.

I always though Azhwar was the worst in Tamil Cinema now Villu will give a stiff competition to that.

When Sivaji was dished out by Shankar, there was disappointment. People expected more from Shankar - Rajini Combo. Same was the case with Dasavatharam. Rajini himself is shying away from doing such mindless one man shows(though people are ready to accep…