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Michael Jackson - A tribute

We will never see these feet in action again. I heard about death of Michael through a friend at 4 AM. I didnt believe him and thought he was playing a prank but when I switched on the TV I was shocked to see the news.
Michael Jackson is truly a legend. My introduction to pop happened through Dangerous by him. From then I bought all his albums. Not a single day goes by without thinking about one of his songs.
He was an electrifying entertainer. Though there were so many strange accusations made against him and made him go through hell he came out of all of them successfuly. His fame never diminished.
It's a great loss that too when one was expecting his come back in July.
There is one song from one of his albums "Gone too soon .." it now applies to Michael as well.

A vehicle named ..

There came chennai traffic commisioner before a gathering of people from all over the world. There they were at the famous anna salai at the widest section of anna salai. He signalled and buses of various sizes came and occupied the road in various positions. He asked the crowd "Is the road full?". People said "yes". Now he brought in few road rollers and asked them to occupy the gap between the buses. The people were amazed at how the road rollers managed to occupy the spaces.
He asked the crowd "Is the road full?". People said "yes". He asked Sumos, Scorpios and Innovas to occupy the gap. They did so skillfuly. People were going crazy and some of them fainted. Again he asked the crowd "Is the road full?". People said "yes". He asked i10s, Altos and Honda Citys to occupy the space. Before people could blink the gaps were taken by the vehicles. Again he asked the crowd "Is the road full?". People said "yes"…

The Begining

Texas chainsaw Massacre - The Begining : I became a huge fan of TCM after watching the remake 2003 starring Jessica Biel. I badly wanted to see the original but I could only get my hands on TCM - 3 and TCM - The begining which is the prequel to TCM 2003.
TCM - 3 was in itself was a totaly different experience when compared to TCM 2003. The movie was more about gore than plot. The Sawyer characters were wierder than TCM 2003 Hewitt characters. People said TCM - 3 is close to the original TCM.
Coming to TCM - The begining which is the prequel to TCM - 2003 I expected it to be more on the lines of TCM - 2003 but rather it is close to original TCM. The movie has lot of gore with less on plot and style which were predominant in TCM - 2003. The lead actresses in both the movies are hot Jessica Biel and Jordana Brewster.
TCM - 2003 builds an eerie atmosphere and gives chills though it doesnt show lot of gore. May be because I have already seen TCM - 2003, The Begining didnt give me such creeps.…

Dasavatharam vs Sivaji

I know its too late to review Dasavatharam but I have tried to compare Dasavatharam with Sivaji. I watched Dasavatharam only over the last weekend. Till then my source of information has been net. And from what I heard though 50% of the people trashed it the other 50% called it highly innovative and can be understood only by people who had done phd in University of Massachusetts.

Now coming to the comparison Sivaji did not meet expectations. On first viewing I even felt what was shankar doing for the 2 years? On the whole much was expected from Rajini - Shankar- ARR Combo but the movie didnt meet the expectations.

Coming to Dasavatharan first thing its not a very intelligent movie as portrayed by some groups. Its a very ordinary chase movie. This could have been accomplished on a much lesser scale but Kamal chose the grander, painful and longer route. There is nothing in the movie to say Dasavatharam surpassed Sivaji in intelligence. It cannot be said Kamal took Indian cinema to a diff…

Build up

Read this news.
The amount of build up given by media is just awesome. They say as if Asin has almost become a master of Kalaripayatu. We dont even know what is Kalaripayatu. Suddenly this term is getting used as if its like some art we practice daily.
I dont know in how many scenes Asin will actually be doing Kalari... It might have a total screen time of 1 minute in the overall movie where you might get to see her doing that art. This 1 minute itself is an exaggarated number. I dont know if she really gave the interview but if she did then she claims like she has to undergo so many hardships to learn the art. Its like Uma Thurman getting trained under a martial arts expert in Kill Bill.
This is not new actors and actresses do claim tall things. People who act blind in movies always say they observed blind people very closely. People who act as police always say they observed Thevaram very closely to learn the nuances. I dont believe in any of these craps.
They give the same hype saying …


Writing about this film just after watching in DVD. When this movie was released it received lot of rave reviews but when I heard about the story of the movie though I appreciated it I was a little put off. I was put of because I felt good buy turning bad and bad guy winning kind of story is negative and I didnt want to sit through a Bala kind of Negative film.Though I haven't watched the directors previous attempt Chithiram Pesuthadi I had seen few scenes from the movie and that is one hell of a tear jerker. I expected Anjathey to be on those lines. But in the end the movie proved me wrong. Bad guy Naren becomes a SI and good guy his friend fails the exam and all of this happens within the first half n hour of this marathon 3 hours movie. The other 2.5 hours Mysskin takes us through some familiar tracks and some unfamiliar tracks.The movie does remind us of movies like Dalapathi, Kaaka Kaaka and other Gautham Menon style films.So is the movie good? Yes. Is it different? Yes. Is i…

Air France

The dissapearence of the Air France Air bus is really scary. With such advanced technolgies in hands they are still struggling to get information on what happened to the Air bus.
Its even scarier to think of the last moments of those passengers. Accoding to rediff, everything happened in very few minutes and the pilot didnt even had the time to alert the control towers. With all such sophisticated technolgies a mammoth airplane has jus disapeared in thin air. Assuming it did sink into the Atlantic its why are not even able to locate the location of such a giant?
In these days even if a mobile phone is lost they can trace it in few seconds about the location of the mobile phone, why are they struggling for an aeroplane? I may sound childish not knowing the actual conditions in the sea but still something more could have been done on the planes so that they are easily traceable.
With this incident in mind flying has just got worse.
If advanced countries are struggling we cant think what …

Smoking Ban

Gulam Nabi Azad has told he will revoke smoking ban in movies. Though I appreciate his move I dont agree with the reason given by him for revoking the ban.
He has told that movies are full of rape and murder, smoking wont cause any impact worse than that.
I disagree with him for this reason that rape and murder are not copied by people who watch them in movies because it is very difficult to commit such acts in real life but smoking is something which can be easily copied in real life. So just because youngsters are not apeing rape and murder, it can't be assumed that they wont ape smoking too.
But if someone is so weak that he copies smoking from movie then he will smoke no matter what. Smoking is not some hidden act which is exposed by movies. Youngsters dont start the habit of smoking just because it is glamorised by Rajnikanth or Sharukh Khan. The next door uncle, next street ramu and the dad who lives in the same house as the youngster have greater influence on the youngster.