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After a long time saw a Hindi movie which kept me glued onto the screen till the end. When this movie was released this was compared to American Beauty and Lolita. I have seen the former and felt Nishabd would not reach that status and ignored it.
Now when I caught this in channel E24 it was a pleasent surprise. A beautiful movie by RGV kudos to him. The main reason for liking this movie is the movie doesnt get preachy at any point. This is one movie when directed by moral police will end with a message. I m glad it didnt go that way.
Most of you by this time should be knowing the story is about a man of 60 years old falls in love with a girl of 18 years old. The mans family is shattered. The girl is sure of her love towards him and he is sure of his love towards her. But due to various pressures he is forced to send her out of his life. Now he has to go through humiliation by his wife and his daughter as they cant get this out of their head. He misses the 18 years old girl was in very …


The Medicos went on strike for want of increase in their stipend. The demands were like increase the stipend from 4500 to 10 K, from 10 K to 25 K and so on .. The Anna Salai was blocked by a group of Aanganwadi (sorry abt spelling) workers demanding their job should be made permanent and pay hike is needed. Banks have already announced strike in August.

The government in all issues will start like there is no chance of meeting the demands. Then there will be talks going on for a month and at the end 90% of the demands would be met.

Can such a thing be imagined in IT industry? People get pink slip just like that. They are not even given time to react. Before they could digest what happened they are out there in the road. We have not heard of a single case of protest.

Why the fuck that government is the only body which can be threatened to get your problems solved. The Jayalalitha incident is the only thing I can remember where the government dealt this problem with an iron hand. But she g…

Masala Mix


Saw this movie last week. The movie had some very interesting stuff. The movie starts off as a usual movie with a group of friends supporting a pair and helping them to elope. It might look like another Alaigal Oivathilai.

But the movie doesnt end with the lovers eloping the movie just starts from that point. The actors are a treat to watch. Though it has some cliches like friends doing anything for another friend the movie ends with a different message.

The three new girls in the movie look good but can they survive in Tamil film industry? They might be only used for sister characters who knows? DuelThe other movie I saw during last week was this movie by Steven Spielberg. This came with some high recomendation from a friend. Since the theme was also my favorite (Road movies) I went for this and loved it.
The movie has very little conversation as such but keeps you glued to the screen for its entire run time. Though the ending was little bit hurried the movie as a whole was go…

Gay sex

The latest thing that is going around India is regarding Gay sex. There are huge photos in newspapers showing people hugging each other with tears in their eyes after the court verdict that Gay sex is not illegal.
To see the fake joy on people only increases the irritation. This is nothing but another act in aping the west. I m not talking about the gay sex but about the reaction to the verdict on Gay sex. After aping reactions of oscar award winners at all hari giri suri awards in India this is the next right thing to do.
Those who read the news will feel like there are crores and crores of Gays in India who were suppressed till date and after this verdit all of them gets freedom. What the fuck?
They keep saying Gay sex is leglised in the west and west is liberal. I dont think so. In another million years also Gays will be considered as weird as it is not natural. It is against natural. Now should it be banned? Its upto that countries law but dont legalise it in the name of it is natura…