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Chennai gets hot, hotter and still hotter. There are no signs of cooling down. Occassionaly it drizzles nothing more. It is october and still no signs of heat going down. Couple of days back it touched 39 Deg which is unusual.

Vechile population too increases in very high propotion.

All this makes travelling a nightmare. With heat and rogues disguised as drivers coming home is a miracle.

Those who are bored with the routine traffic post :-(


This movie has received some good reviews so decided to catch up with this movie. The theatre was full considering the fact that there will be few people normally at that show time. So I was expecting some good movie though I was not expecting anything extrodinary.
The movie starts of with a suicide as read in all the reviews and yes it rains. Now the hero is introduced who doesnt show much emotion and it then moves at a snails pace and hero says since the girl was his ex lover he will investigate the what looks like a clear case of suicide.
There are some flashbacks about his love and how they parted. The way they part is not believable she leaves him over one small fight.
Coming to the present people who lived near her flat also start to die suddenly and the hero realises that its the ghost of the girl who kills and the ghost uses water to kill everyone.
Finally there is also a twist about the suicide.
There ends the movie.
If this movie was produced by someone else the movie would not ha…


Lot of things which were there when we were kids are no more there. Some of our loved ones inclusive. Here I just wanted to look at few things that have changed in Chennai as I grew up.
The area in and around Palavanthangal has undergone some significant changes. The major one in the Palavanthangal subway. Long time back there used to be a railway gate which was operated manually. There used to be lot of chaos as the gate opens for vehicles to pass through.
Many shops which were there at that time are not there. A totally new set of shops has replaced them. One such shop was Jacintha bakery. I remember the owner of the Bakery telling my dad about how his shop is running into loss and because of subway work he has also been asked to vacate.
The simple and small subway took ages to be built causing lot of hardship of so many people when it was under construction.
People who are from that area should be able to appreciate this article.
Will be back with more such Missing things.


For the past few days chennai has been reeling under severe heat wave. The temperatures were hovering with a maximum of 37 deg C. Though it doesnt sound like a very high there was a unbearable heat wave. The sun was at its full force by 7 AM making the travel to office amidst the chaotic chennai traffic next only to hell.

The evenings and nights were filled with a sultry atmosphere. The rooms became coffins. Read from papers that the humidity stood at 80%.

Dogs died due to this heat at a canine show held in the city.

There have been times even the beach wont be pleasent in chennai.Even if you squeeze your brain to the maximum you cant point a good thing or a good reason to be in chennai except for the nostalgic moments we had here. There are some places which are cursed chennai is one among them not a single blessing to count.


YSR is now history. When accidentaly browsing channels I got hooked to the news about a missing helicopter. I never took it serious but when I learnt that the copter was missing for 9 hrs I thought there will be hands of naxals. But finally the news about bad weather, copter crash proved my guess wrong but the end result was YSR dead. All this happened so suddenly. Recently Michael Jacksons death was as sudden as this.
Though I feel like cribbing about the way our media ang government handled YSR issue, I feel nothing will be acheived by that.
YSR's interview just before he left shows him with so many plans in hand. Everything has jus vanished now.
Just goes on to show how short life is.
May his sould rest in peace.