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Goa Movie Review

Just returned from watching Venkat Prabhu's Goa. Before going to the movie, went through all the negative reviews. Some of the negatives that I read includes no story, siripu varle, offensive relationship, premji is getting repetitive, music not upto mark, no roles for heroines.

Heres my first hand review. If you liked Chennai 28 and Saroja I dont think you will complain about this movie. Both 28 and Saro were built up on situations rather than a plot and same is the case with Goa. There is no point in saying there is no story. This is mostly said by fake intellectual people who think that they are the only lovers of true cinema. I would rate Goa is better than Saroja but slightly below 28.

Major let down for Goa is the music. Though you can enjoy the music when watching in theater its not something which sticks to your heart except for the one line Go enbathu, vaa enbathu. May be if the music was better people would have liked the movie more.

Premji getting repetitive, I didnt think…

National Awards

Looks like National Award for Indian movies has been announced and when we read names of some people and some movies which has been chosen for the awards, we can understand how the process and mindset of the jury would have been.

Especially in bollywood they have created infinite number of awards such as Filmfare award, star dust award, abc award and xyz award. Inside each of these awards they have categories like Most popular movie, Best movie, Most entertaining actor, Best actor, People's choice etc etc. Finally almost all the movie would have got atleast one award.

Vaaranam Aaiyram has been chosen as the best tamil film and Priyanka Chopra is the best actress. We dont have to add anything more the talk about these awards. Even oscar awards are not awarded to the right movies/actors sometimes so we can't blame awards in our country which is quite famous for you know what.

Interesting Places

There are many places where I can spend hours being alone but without getting bored. Infact I enjoy being alone in those places without being disturbed by silly questions. A doctors clinic for example never bores me. I can wait for any long without getting annoyed when compared to people who sometimes fight to go first. It presents a variety of people with interesting mannerisms. Similarly a salon too presents such a environment. Infact reading daily thanthi in a salon is a rewarding experience.

I never get bored when attending a wedding or wedding reception. I like to sit there and enjoy the activities going around me. You can see all kind of fake people in such places. It's a good place to observe people. I will be happy there until someone puts their hand in my shoulder and says "Enna Ramesh .."

A railway station is another interesting place especially long distance train stations. Whether I am travelling or I m there for receving someone or for sending someone a statio…

FM at night

Try listening to any FM station in chennai after 10. All you can hear is Ilayaraja songs. The selection of songs will be so cliched that we might feel like kicking the RJ.
Some songs which are played after 10 are
1) Kodiyile maligai poo 2) Raasathi unna kaanatha 3) Kanne kalai maane 4) Aathadi kaathadi koothada 5) Poo vasantha raja 6) Ilamayenum poongaatru 7) Poove semboove un vaasam 8) Kodai kaala kaatre
the list is endless ..
They think people will be in mood to listen to such songs only and the comedy is many people think we should listen only to such songs at night.

Hot Fuzz

This movie got released when I was in UK. The posters looked very stylish but I didn't see the movie. Now after so many years I saw this movie in DVD. The movie is action packed though some scenes it might remind us of Indian masala movies especially the last hand to hand fight. The movie is very stylish especially the editing is awesome. Though its a comedy movie it sometimes looks like an Arnold or Jackie Chan movie.
I love the way the title card for this movie has been designed. When it comes in the screen Hot Fuzz with that awesome BGM and graphics its superb.
Sometime the movie does remind us of The Wicker Man where it is one man against an entire village.
Just fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.
PS : The poster above man its awesome.