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Celebration begins with Endhiran


Two more days for the most awaited movie. It is like a festival here. The celebration just gets bigger and bigger. The only sad thing is after couple of days the euphoria will die and it will be like the day after Deepavali. All back to work nothing more to look forward too.
Hope Rajini announces his next movie soon.

Ingrid Bergman

Casablanca - One thing that blew me away in this movie the the flawless beauty of Ingrid Bergman. What a classic beauty she is. Her face just radiates in the screen. Her sharp nose, her flawless skin, her smile, the way she carries herself we can go on and on. She being there in the movie is enough reason to watch this movie.


After a long time if I can say I was impressed with a movie then it was Crash. From the word go there was not a dull or boring moment. It was just awesome. The movie reminded me a lot of Babel and 21 Grams to some extent because I have seen them both before this movie.

The concept is very intense we can almost feel that we are there suffering with the characters. We dont see cinematic characters who always stand for the right and do the right thing instead we see characters who want to do the right thing but for reasons they do what the dont want to do.

The director is able to evoke all our feelings without having to resort to death. Any movie that deals with death will be emotional but to make an emotional movie without death involved is a great attempt. Though there is one final death it comes a surprise the story doesnt lead you to that death.

This is one movie which should not be missed.

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek is one movie which has a plot common to many of the horror movies but where it differs is in the execution. The movie for some reason does not have the commercial movie look which is what makes it difficult to watch it. The scenes look more authentic and hits at our face than Texas chainsaw or The hills have eyes ..
The movie captures the scenic beauty of Australia outback in an awesome way. The movie starts off very slowly and there are not too many characters its just 3 characters and none of them irritate us with the usual antics horror movie characters do.
The travel to Wolf Creek and the Wolf Creek in itself looks great.
As the movie goes on it gets difficult to watch as the characters undergo lot of problems. The scenes have lot more impact because it is filmed in a raw way compared to the movies we have seen in the past like Hostel or Saw. The Gore in Hostel or Saw is different this movie without that gore manages to have more impact.
If you are a horror movie fan don…