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Republic day

Today chennai looked as if it was total bandh. I never expected this expecially in chaotic chennai. Dont know what made chennaites to stay in. Anyways no complaints. It was a pleasure driving around chennai today.

Zero Planning Total Chaos

After reading about the Book Fair happening in chennai through various forums I decided let me go and check that out. For some reason I knew it will be a failure from the start. I decided to take the TNagar, Nungambakkam, Ega route and was hit on the face with heavy traffic right from Saidapet. It was so difficult to negotiate the traffic by the time I reached Loyola I was exhausted but there in Loyola was traffic which was worst compared to what I faced in TNagar.
By the time I reached the venue I was totally drained and the planners of the Book fair had done a great job of making the entrance and the exit the same gate and no one was able to go inside and no one was able to come outside.
In chennai nowadays everyone working in a IT company marries a IT girl and buys a Santro or Spark and use it to commute even to buy vegetables. The entrance was choking with vehicles thanks to the traffic police nothing changed. Though I was thanking myself to have come by bike once inside there was u…

Besant Nagar

This post is not about Besant Nagar but Besant Nagar features in this post. New Years Day and I was supposed to be at Besant Nagar beach around 6:30 PM. For a change after a long time decided to take the public transport as I know finding car/bike parking in Besanth Nagar will be equal to India winning Indo-Pak war.
Took train from Palavanthangal till Saidapet and started waiting in Saidapet for 47 A or 23 C. The bus stop was very crowded and every minute the crowd was just swelling. There were people who couldnt even stand continuosly for more than a minute. Neither 23 C nor 47 A came for a long time. Then there was a 23 C but it was jam packed. So as I was wondering what to do there came an empty bus and when I noticed it was headed towards Adyar depot without third thought I boarded it.
From Adyar depot I was waiting for a bus to Besant Nagar but none came and finally decided to take a walk and the entire road was choked with traffic. I could see Wagon R, Ritz, Swift, Spark, Figo etc…