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Kalaignar Ji and Amma Ji here is my wish list and please see if you can include these in your list of freebies this time if not please include it in your list for the next election.

1 42" LED TV Prefered Sony or Panasonic or whatever is the latest technology at that point of time
1 Sony BluRay player if its this election or whatever is the latest technology at that point of time
Lifetime supply of DVDs of any language
Free 3G connection with unlimited data download capability or whatever is the latest technology at that point of time
Coupon for filling petrol free of cost atleast 100 ltrs per month
Free coupon for 2 people to watch movie in Satyam 4 times a month

You have become more than a santa claus. I Sincerely wish both of you would heed to my request.

Aile Aile

A nice song and Nayanathara looks beautiful in this movie

Traffic Signals

Chennai Traffic Police always finds innovative ways to make a problem worse. One such interesting way they follow is operating all traffic signals manually. They think that solves the traffic problem during peak hours. In the name of manual operation they will open one side of the traffic and keep it open till all vehicles in that side is cleared.
In that mean time traffic will be piling up on the other three sides now when they open the next side again they will keep it open for as long as it takes for the traffic on that side to clear. Sometimes you might even be made to wait for 5 full minutes.
The manual operation of the signal will be given to any guy who is the friend of the traffic police. And road users will be at the mercy of that individual. He will open one side and will start talking to his friends for a long time during which you will keep watching him when he will show mercy and open your side of the traffic.

9 1/2 Weeks

Adrian Lyne thy name is Sensuality. His movies Fatal Attraction, Indecent Proposal, Unfaithful are some of my favorite movies. He has also directed the serious movie Jacobs Ladder. Now coming to 9 1/2 weeks this is the most sensual movie from his archives.

Mickey Rourke is very handsome in this movie and his smile is so seductive. Kim Basinger portrays the vulnerable woman very well. Mickey Rourkes smile is highly infectious. Photography and soundtrack are some more pluspoints. The song "You can leave your hat on" has one of the erotic performance I have seen on screen. Kim Basinger scorches the screen. The opening scene of New York streets, the dining room scene, the subway scene in rain the photography adds to the sensuality.