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Rana posters are out but for some reason there is not much excitement from it as other Rajni has generated in the past.

What could be the reason for this?

First and foremost Rana looks like another version of "Sultan the Warrior" about which we only kept hearing stories that its coming today, tomorrow and day after tomorrow.

Involvement of Soundarya Rajnikanth in Rana makes matters worse. I dont know if Ocher studios ever did anything well.

The director of the movie again another reason for less excitement.

The story, which they say is a period drama is not a good news. I have a feeling Rajni after chandramukhi has been thinking that the king look and villainic persona will carry him to places. Thats the reason we keep seeing in Kings look (Chandramukhi, Sivaji, Kuselan) and Villain persona (Chandramukhi, Sivaji, Enthiran).Now he plans to repeat the same in Rana.

Eros is another reason,they may disown the project anytime.

I have a strong feeling this movie is not going to see the…


Voting experience in Chennai could be headache inducing and nauseating as well. Wednesday around 3:15 PM I reached the venue, a school, and was surprised to see the long queue. Final I joined the queue and immediately was welcomed with the strong stench of Pan Parag. The guys in front of me kept spitting every minute. If only one could tie these guys near some plants, these guys will provide the "சொட்டு நீர் பாசனம்" for those plants. A snail could have easily beaten the speed with which the queue moved forward.

Not to mention the முந்திரி கொட்டைஸ் in the queue who want to go in first though there are people standing before him/her. Though the voting happens through electronic vending machine there is huge amount of paper work happening inside which slows the process considerably. By the time your turn arrives you are in bad shape smelling Pan Parag all over you.

There are some geniuses who go and stand before the machine and take their sweet time in pressing the button.

All in …

Open Water

There are some movies we watch knowing very well that the characters are doomed from the word go. The moment its tagged as based on a true story, it adds lot more punch to it.

Open Water is one such movie. Not all will be willing to watch it once they know the premise of it but for me I am interested in such movies. Sometimes some movies will be very difficult for second viewing as the tragic ending will be haunting us. Movies like Green Mile, Dead Man Walking, City of Angels fall into this category.

After watching Open Water second time I realised I hadnt written about this movie and so is this blog.

The suffering the couple undergoes is beyond imagination. Everytime when we put us in their shoes we can feel we are right there in the middle of the action. When we know there were real people who underwent such suffering and much more our heart just goes out to them.

I m looking forward to Adrift.


What will you do in the following situation.

You see a guy riding a bike and he suddenly slows down and drives as if he is the only person on road. You adjust yourself and when you come closer to him you see he has a live cigeratte in his hand and he slowly lifts it and smokes it. A bus crosses him and it doesnt even bother his smoking and he balances the bike skillfuly.

a) You admire his skill and move forward
b) Convey to him that you were floored by his riding skills and make him the official head driving instructor for chennai
c) Pluck the cigeratte out of his hand and make him smoke it through some other orifice in his body.


No one has shared my thoughts as well as Ceat tyre ads .. some of them for your eyes

Hopeless campaigns

Today as I was riding through the OMR I could see the road was blocked at many places due to election campaigns. There were long queues of vehicles as they were not able to go through the blocked roads. Through the crowded heads of India's best intellects I could hear the monotonous tone of some politician blaming the opposite party.

At one side tired people wanting to get through the nightmarish traffic and reach home on the other side people who were curious to listen to the hopeless talk of some insignificant politician whos blocking the traffic flow.

There were lots of traffic police but as usual they will shout at anyone who disturbs the meetings not the one who is disturbing the traffic.

As cherry on top as in cinema i saw a Ambulance struck in the traffic. They couldnt see why there was such a traffic job during non peak time.

The politicians will survive as long as people who like to throng behind them.