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Y Tu Mama Tambien

Watched this movie with lot of expectations but was let down totally. I always look forward to road movies and this one came with such a tag. The movie also came with a tag that there might be some explicit scenes. I thought it will be a double bonanza and settled before the tele.

The movie starts with an explicit love making scene making the expectation to soar very high. But right after that scene I felt the movie fell just flat. The movie is about two kids taking along with them an adult woman for a road trip. There was a voice over as well.

There was no character building the movie just jumped scene after scene where the kids talk a lot about sex and finally take a wife of their cousin along with them on a road trip. The movie doesnt even try to cover the beauty of the roadside instead it keeps showing the three talking about sex, sex and more sex.

When we were wondering where the hell, all of this is leading too the movie ends with no meaning. At the end you just feel you wasted 2 h…

House of 1000 corpses

I wanted to watch this movie for a long time. The name of the movie is one main attraction. That too after watching the extrodinary Devils Rejects my curiosity jumped very high.

This movie when compared to devils rejects is pretty hopeless. This is one crazy movie. There is absolutely no story from begining to end there is just killing, killing and more killing. Nothing is organiased.You keep seeing people doing weird stuffs.You will need lot of patience to sit through this movie.


Just back from watching Ko in Express Avenue. It was my first time in EA and the theater is indeed good. Its too sophisticated especially the driers and handwash inside the toilets look very different.

Coming to the movie I knew the twist in the story line so it didnt shock me. I was kind of expecting how and when the twist will be. I felt a similarity between Kana Kandein and this movie. In both movies we see a good friend turning bad.

The first action sequence after the bank robbery was extrodinary. The locations for songs were awesome. Songs were ok had the previously heard tune feeling typical to harris Jeyaraj.

I felt climax dragged a bit but overall its a good movie. It was nice to see one of my favorite author Suba (i think Suresh of famous Suresh-Bala). Dont know why Simbu didnt do this movie. Simbus loss Jiivas gain.

Satan Vs Devil

The mantle now has been passed from the Satan to the Devil. People rejoice for this change. People celebrate. We live for the day. The news is like a drug. Even for neutrals today is like a festival. People forgot about their own personal problem and immersed themselves into this event fully.

People expect that the Devil will be better than Satan for this one day. From tomorrow it will be business as usual.

In this entire event some really good news is all the kutti chathans has been kicked out. Hope they are banished for ever.

For some today is the begining of their end especially for the spectacular comedian.

For super star its a great escape ..

Video Cassette

During the late 80s and early 90s renting VCRs, VCPs and Video cassettes will be among the top favorite moments of mine.

There used to be 4 shops which used to rent players and cassettes. When a decision is taken at home to rent a player the excitement will start. We used to run from one shop to the other each shop will have players in different sizes. The players most of the time will be put inside a leather bag.

After securing the player the next important job is to select the movie. Some shops will have a catalogue (loosely joined papers) in which the newly released movies will be hand written. We can see some cassettes lying here and there and my eyes will wander over all the cassettes. Some shops will not have any cassettes in display. Whatever we ask he will go inside a room and bring the cassette. My heart will be jumping to know what is inside that magic room.

The discussion with the rental guy on which movie is available and when it should be returned is another wonderful mome…

Mixed bag

Its been so hot here in chennai that you have to be here to feel it. For past few years the month of May has been below 40 but this time it has touched 40 right the 1st week of May. There are no signs of rain. Chennai feels like on big furnace with no one to turn off the heat. Nights are unbearable with low voltage, power cuts and the heat. I have a feeling its just the begining.

Rana has had a bad start. First time we hear news like Rajini admitted in hospital.

After Rajasekara reddy another CM dies in a helicopter crash. Something fishy?

Lets consider the case where someone has done something very bad to you and you are seeking vengence. You have been searching that person for years. Atlast you get hold of him. Will you kill him immediately or take pleasure in tourturing him? Osama ..