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Little Children

After a long time saw an emotionally strong movie. Accidentally came across Little Children and waited for sometime before I actually saw the movie. Nowadays high ratings doesnt gurantee the movie will be of my taste.

Little children takes up two controversial topics adultery and pedophiles and deals with them without offending anyone. Especially it successfuly generates sympathy for a pedophile. Many things are left to the viewers interpretation. The movie engages us right from the first scene and the situations become emotionally stirring as it progresses.

The ending line of the movie "The past cannot be changed, but the future is another story" is very real and gives loads of hope.


Miracles do happen. Last week was the most depressing weekend in years for me. I was on the verge of losing it but deep down I had the faith that things will turn out well and it did. Miracles do happen.

But how long we can endure this? The point till the Miracle happens is just unbearable. All of these tensions just makes us age fast.

I definitely miss those times when there was no cell phone no computers. When a landline and TVS 50 were considered as luxuries. When our only wish in life was that our dad bought a solidaire black n white TV. But if we look deeper each of those times had their own set of depressing problems but we just managed to be where we are now.

Many things in life has changed even the type of problems has changed but the magnitude has increased.

When trains used to travel through remote fields I used to observe people walking through fields after completing their work for the day. I dont know what they do, where they live but in mind how much I wished to trade place…

Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine is a movie which touches upon a topic which is very rarely taken up in movie world. People would rather watch light hearted love movies than to watch movies like Blue Valentine.

There has been movies in the past which has touched upon couples falling apart but what makes this particular movie different is the way its filmed. The film is very raw with no major soundtrack and natural sounds used.

At many places I couldnt understand the dialogues as the audio was very low and the DVD didnt provide english subtitle.

You will definitely need tissues to handle the ending scene.

Ryan Gosling is handsome as ever in both past and the present. Michelle Williams is good as frustrated wife.

If you are looking for a movie different from the regular candyfloss romance then this is it. But the movie making style may not be liked by all.

Absolutely nothing

Two consecutive days of leave and the fact I did nothing during those 2 days makes me go mad. Sometimes I have so many things in my to do list but end up doing none of them.

The way DMK ex ministers are being phished proves that power is what is most important in the world. Also it has to be with the right person.