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Good bye 2011

God gives us one big credit in the begining and he keeps debitng our account over the years and when we reach Zero, its time for us to go.

When we start with we might have 50 new years, 50 christmas, 50 Diwali. But as years pass by the count keeps decreasing. I have already exhausted significant amount from my account. If only we knew how much balance is left....

2011 was like a roller coaster ride. I came across lot of bumpy areas in 2011. But it ran very fast. I still remember the last new year service I attended. It seems like yesterday but here I am 1 day away from the next service.

Days pass by, months pass by, years pass by but we keep going on as if everything will last forever.

Ghost Protocol

Watched Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol last week. I found the movie to be silly. If the same was churned out in Bolly or Kollywood it would have been trashed by everyone. Just because it comes from Hollywood and it has Tom Cruise in it, the movie is being praised.

How many times we will see Russia Vs America. How many times we will see the hero saving the world at the last second by cutting the right wire.

Here people were whistling when Ethan Hunt says "We are going to India". The so called India comes for 2 to 3 mins and that too in night.

Bhurj Khalifa jump was overly hyped.