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Samsung UA46D6600

Yes another post on the new TV. This might be useful for lot of people who are searching for the problem I faced with this TV. I was moving files between hard disks and was trying to play the same in TV through its USB but the folders which were working in my old disc was not read when it was moved to the new disk. It was very frustrating.

Then I took googles help and luckily got the solution in the first result that appeared.

In case you are facing the same problem the solution is to reset the Tele to factory setting. This is achieved by pressing the exit key for 10 seconds.

The post that helped me is given below.

Samsung UA46D6600WR

Gone are the days when we used to switch on the TV, sit back and relax. The television sets have become more complex and complex. Wanting to jump into the LED bandwagon I made the decision to buy Samsung UA46D6600WR.

The TV is promoted as SMART TV and it has so many features which I have not been able to fully understand and use. Recently my friend used the term DLNA when I explored more about that I found out the TV I had bought had the feature Samsung Allshare.

DLNA is one amazing concept where you can connect two wireless enabled devices without any intermediate router. But it is not easy to make the devices connect due to various security settings in the devices. To do this you need to search on adhoc wireless connections.

This TV was able to read a 1 TB disk which was partitioned as two 500 GB partitions but when I plugged in a 1 TB with no partitions it didnt recognize.

The TV has an optical out which was another new to me but it delivers only Dolby Digital and ignores any DTS…

Mouna Guru

One word review for the movie "Extrodinary".

After a long time a movie gave 100% satisfaction. Kudos to the director. Right from character selection, to dialogue, to screen play, music everything has gelled well. The main point is the director has achieved this feat with a positive ending and not a morbid ending.

If you are a fan of good cinema do not miss this.