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Samsung BD-D6700

Once you have a big 3D HD TV, the next obvious purchase should be a blu-ray player. After breaking my head for over a month I zeroed in on Samsung BD-D6700. The point here is that this model is available only in the US. Somehow got the blu-ray player in hand today.

Features I like about the player - Slot loading mechanism, the buttons are all touch screen type and dynamic (by dynamic I mean you wont see an eject button unless you have a disc inside), ultra fast blu ray disc loading speed, Dual HDMI output, Optical output, 1GB built in memory for BD Live and Smart TV features

Are there any negatives - Since this is a US model I need a step down transformer to convert 220 V to 110 V, which occpies more space and adds more wires to an already cluttered system. Apart from that I also feel the system is heating up a lot. Not sure whether the system dislikes India weather condition.

Picture quality is excellent but I can't test the real Dolby HD or DTS HD as I dont have the right recei…

Nightmares in Chennai

Well yes I know listing down nightmares in chennai is a endless topic but still I dont have any other punch bags other than this medium.

Friday evening I was waiting at Sholinganallur signal. Our super intelligent traffic police kept the signal open for traffic towards adyar for almost 5 mins. He does the same for all sides except for my side. When my side turned green within seconds he turned it red. Again an aganising wait began and I almost was waiting at the signal for almost 15 minutes. I have no idea who is that genius who adviced our traffic police to operate the signals manually and to keep the signal green for one side eternally. That too sometimes the operation of the signal is given to people who are not traffic police. They put their ass on a stool and lazily operate the signal at their whim.

Now I agree electricity is something which should be used with care so that we dont waste it as it has an impact on our universe. But to be in chennai the government does the job of …

Looking for comedy

If you are looking for some really funny movies then do not miss Airplane and "Harold and Kumar" movie series.

I just revisited Airplane and I still found all the moments very funny. Leslie Nielsen is awesome and the dialgues are really witty. The song staying alive is made eternal in this movie.

If you are offended by explicit scenes in movies then you should avoid Harold and Kumar series especially the Escape from Guantanamo bay but the movie has some really WTF moments. You will be laughing throughout the movie.

I m very keen to watch the next installment in Harold and Kumar which comes in 3D as well. Soon should ship it from Amazon.


I know its too late to post anything on this movie but I watched this movie only this weekend and to be frank I was surprised to find it to be entertaining. Initially there were so many characters, it was difficult to remember who is who but as the story unfolded everything became clear.

I never expected Ajith will do a full length negative role. I was kind of expecting a scene where he will say "I was undercover CID" and turn into a good guy. Though some of his actions were a but artifical but overall he has given good performance.

If Rajini had done such a movie I could visualise how the media and politicions would have worked overtime blaming Rajini for smoking, drinking and using bad words in screen. Since this was Ajith, this was not made into a controversy. For the first time noticed bad words being used casually in a movie and that too Ajith was mouthing some of those dialogues. No one would have agreed to that on screen.

Overall the movie was very entertaining.

Random Scribbling

Last week saw couple of movies and some of them were really good and some of them we kind of okayish.

Midnight Run and My Cousin Vinny blew me away. These are excellent comedies. De Niro and Pesci are legends.

Then I saw The Rite. Every movie about exorcism cannot escape from reminding us of the classic The Exorcist. This movie too reminded that movie a lot but still was not as good as I expected. Especially towards the end it became highly predictable. If you want to get scared better go for Drag me to Hell.

Love in the time of Cholera was another movie which I saw. This movie though it has some poetic moments was a bit artificial at many places. For some reason the make up, the setting didnt seem very real. It reminded me that I m watching a drama rather than a movie. But still Javier Bardem gives a totally different performance when compared to No country for Old Men. In the latter he looked menacing but in this period romantic movie he convinced us with his performance of a love …


Have you ever seen a Church or a small Hindu temple in a remote place during night time with a low voltage bulb throwing weak light?

When we pass by the place we see the door is open and the inside of the place will be in our vision for just couple of seconds.

If you are lucky you might notice someone inside sitting all alone.

This scene will generate lot of thoughts inside our mind. But the place will look so peaceful. For some unknown reasons a wave of mixed emotions will overwhelm you.

I know you are wondering WTH is this guy trying to convey. Its right, its very difficult to convey it in words.