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Laugh out loud

Today I read an article in The Hindu and had a hearty laugh. The point is the article was written with such serious committment. The article says that they are going to introduce ITMS in Chennai. Wow thats really wonderful to start with. The proposed cost for implementation is 150 crores. I can see your imagination running wild and you will be merging the photopraghs of Chennai and London hoping for the better.

But hold on, the moment you expand ITMS you will erase all those imagination and go back to your work. ITMS means Integrated traffic management system. Excellent whoever coined this term deserves a pat in their arse. The article has very high ambition and goes like there will be green channels for ambulances within Chennai so that they wont get struck in traffic. The moment I read that I assumed that they might talking about something like dedicated bus line, which in itself was a non starter. But no its just not about dedicated lane for ambulance you have an Italian Job in yo…

À l'intérieur

I have seen some violent movies but nothing comes closer to À l'intérieur. Sometime back I saw Martyrs and felt that it is the most violent movie I have ever seen but À l'intérieur gives Martyrs a run for its money. It's always painful to watch pregnant women on screen as every step the woman takes we will have be very anxious that she should be alright. When they are subjected to violence then it will be highly unbearable. That was one reason I kept avoiding watching this movie and finaly curiosity took over me and I watched it tonight.

This movie makes us watch the movie through the gaps in our fingers. This is not a horror or thriller this is a violent movie. The violence is not the one we see in Kill Bill (well the begining scene of Kill Bill Vol 1 comes closer) this is more than that.

I would not recomment this movie to anyone.


Recently a small kid was killed in an accident in chennai on the first day of her summer vacation. She was killed by a speeding goods carrier when she slipped on to the road because of sand sumped on the road for construction. I am still not able to get that sad event out of my mind.

The immediate knee jerk reaction from corporation is people should not dump sand on the road and they have provided a number to call in case we find such cases. Always we are reactive and also this will not be enforced. People will continue to do the same things and corporations will exist inactive. But the way they give notices in paper it will look like they are going to arrest lakhs of people for hving dumped sand on road. In India human life has zero value. There are absolutely no measures to prevent accidents. Be it following traffic rules, wearing helmets, getting authorisation for building none of the activities are controlled by government. But the moment people die they will issue notices and th…

Cannibal Holocaust

Finally got the guts to watch this movie and finished it with mixed feelings. This is one movie which has been rated as one of the most difficult movies to sit through. After reading some of the comments section in IMDB I didnt have the appetite to watch this movie but curiosity had the finaly say and I watched it.

The movie starts of with a doctor being sent into the forest to look for some missing people. He travels along with some more people and encounters many challenges before he gets hold of the camera which the issing people were using. He comes back and watched the shot footage only to see some of the most gruesome things the filming crew committed.

The movie has a weird and strange look and feel. It was like watching a documentary than a film. But since I was prepared for some of the scenes I didnt have much problem watching the entire movie. But this movie is strictly not recommended to people who hate violence against animals. You will see some most horrific scenes.

The …

The Descendants

There are certain movies which I deserately want to like and The Descendants is one of them. At the end some I do like and some does disappoint me. This movies falls in the later category. After all the Oscar hype I was expecting an engaging movie but I felt the movie went nowhere.

The Descendants had some of the standard cliches which I can still cope with but its just the plot never moved anywhere. Again this movie reimnded me of many movies and the closest was Grace is gone, About Schimdt (which again is from the same director of this movie).

I dont have problems with the slow pace of the movie. I have liked movies slower than this. I have also liked Sideways by the same director.

As a road movie though the movie is watchable.

Mount Road

Entire stretch of mount road has been made one way from Nandanam till Simpson. I cant imagine the traffic jams in all other roads due to this. All this is because of the way India reacts to developments. We dont plan for the future we always provide what was needed 20 years ago. This will continue in future also as I dont see anything positive happening.

Silver lining in this problem is buses can still use mount road so bus should slowly become the prefered mode of transport there by reducing congetions within the city.

No more spencer plazas and express avenues, only City center.