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City of woes

Chennai should be called as city of woes. The problems in this city just keeps getting worse. Both nature and man play havoc in this city.

Power cut still continues ..
Temparatures hovers above 40 deg celsius for days .. one of the worst summer I have seen .. not a single drop of rain ..
Water scarcity ..
Petrol scarcity .. in a city where buying petrol during normal days itself is a challenge the past one week has been nightmare. It looks like doomsday where people are running around killing each other for water and petrol.
Petrol price hike ..
Cheating petrol pump guys ..
Bus fare hike ..
Electricity tariff hike ..

This city is just destined for disaster.

You Can Leave Your Hat On

A sensous song from the movie 9 1/2 weeks. Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger are awesome.


Petrol price increase, cost cutting measures by corporates etc are certain things which we cannot expect to be reversed once implemented. If a company stops providing free coffee due to bad financials it wont start to provide free coffee even after its finance improves. Because once people are used to extremes its always safer to maintain them in that zone. There are double benefits to it. When the situation becomes alright that extra amount goes into your pocket and if the situation again worsens you might have to stop it again irking employees.

The same was what I exected in TN power cuts. I expected the power cuts to be there for atleast next 1 or 2 yrs but as a pleasent surprise the power cuts has been stopped.

Good job by TNEB.