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School Bus

After the unfortunate event that took the life of a small kid everyone in chennai is in overdrive. They will be like this for a week and go back to their original life style. The problem doesnt lie with that specific school bus or that specific inspector who gave FC for that bus.

The immediate order that came out from government is all school buses should be reinspected. One can only laugh at such amatuerish statements. What about the safety of people travelling in vehicles other than school buses? What about the safety of people travelling in unevenly constructed roads?

Sometime back a kid died after skidding on top of construction material which was put out in the road. They issued an order saying whoever puts construction material in road will be fined or arrested. But it will be difficult to find a road in chennai without construction materials occupying almost half the road.

I have written many times in this blog that human life has very little value in India. The government al…


Posting after a very looong time. Lot of things happening which keeps me occupied. Even through this difficult times I managed to watch some movies.

Om Shanti Om - I expected the movie to be entertaining but it just goes on and on and I was unable to feel for any of the characters in this movie. I felt it was a bit over the top.

Parichay - A peaceful movie. Its like a Vikraman movie where all the characters are good and there are no villains. The song Musafir hoon yaaron is high point of this movie.

We need to talk about Kevin - A movie with an ending which is left to the viewer to understand. This movie is a gloomy one and you will feel like you want to slap that kid Kevin. That too just the day after I watched this movie heard about the incident happened in US where they were screening Dark Knight Rises.

Crazy Stupid Love - This movie was awesome. Whenever you feel this movie is going to take the cliched path it will prove you wrong. Ryan Gosling looks awesome as usual. I have beco…