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First Road Trip

This weekend went on my first longest road trip and that too with no one to guide. But google came to my rescue. I just love google maps it is highly dependable.

There was a wedding of my colleague at Kurinjipadi and I decided it was time for my first road trip. A friend who was supposed to join me had to back out at the last minute and I had to make the critical go/no go decision and I decided to go.

I was planning to go through ECR but since the friend didnt join me I decided to take the Tindivanam route. After filling my cars tank full I hit the GST. I started at 2 and there was less traffic luckily for me and I crossed Tambaram and crossed the toll and took Chengelpet by pass. NH 45 is awesome first time I enjoyed driving. I was going steadily at 80 and vehicles were overtaking me. There was another toll before Tindivanam and after crossing it there was one more toll. After that there was a board which said Tanjaore/Kumbakonam to left and Villupuram and Trichy straight. I was act…


After a long time I watched a really boring movie Beginners. I had this with me for a long time and I don't know why this movie was there in my "to watch list". But there it was and I chose to watch the movie on a Saturday afternoon.

I am a fan of slow paced movies and I can also sit through movies which has back and forth narration. But this one has both attributes but still didn't go anywhere. I still sat through this entire movies waiting for some redeeming moment which never came.

I am just glad that I can knock off this movie from my "to watch list".