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Gone Too Soon

One person dies in full vigor,     completely secure and at ease, well nourished in body,     bones rich with marrow.        Another dies in bitterness of soul,     never having enjoyed anything good. Side by side they lie in the dust,     and worms cover them both Job 21:23-26
Gone Too Soon - Something I wrote not too long ago reflects the same thoughts from the Bible

Every time when we are cribbing that everyone else other than us is more blessed than we are, we hear a news which highlights the suffering other people are undergoing.

Today I heard of another news where another friend of me passed away when she is not supposed to. It is just that when we see such things happening around us it reminds us how futile this life is but how much we hold this life dear to us. When we look at it with birds eye or through GODs eyes every ones life will look so insignificant in the vast timescale of this earth. But to each their life is the only life they get and it is their only and last chanc…


A Super Star release has always been a grand affair right from my childhood days. It always brings out lot of excitement. Lingaa is no exception. Should plan to watch Lingaa soon.

Kandhan Travelogue - Prologue

Kandhan was waiting patiently at Sholinganallur signal in his battered four wheeler. He was waiting for the signal to turn green. He tried to increase the air conditioning but only warm air was blowing out of the vent. He lowered the window only to be met with thick black fumes emanating from a water tanker in front of him. He immediately closed the window. He could see the chaos at the junction beyond the water tanker. He waited patiently.