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Management - Movie

Nowadays it is getting very difficult for me to find time to watch movies. Even if I do find it takes more than one sitting to complete a movie.

Also what I expect from a movie keeps changing and many times I end up with movies which I finish just because I started watching them. There are still some which I couldn't even finish one such movie is Aranmanai.

Coming to Management I finished this movie in three sittings and the experience was thoroughly satisfying. I chose to watch this movie without even knowing who is in it and when the title cards read it was a Jennifer Aniston movie I was prepared for a rom-com. But right from the opening scene the movie proclaimed it was not your usual rom-com.

Hotels especially during twilight bring back lot of memories. This movie is slow paced and is about two lonely people falling in love. Steve Zahn just stole it as a man who is after Jennifer. He was different from the people whom we are used to seeing in movies. The movie has some great …