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Cold Fish

Whenever you feel that you have seen everything and nothing more can beat what you have seen comes another movie which moves the boundary further. Cold Fish is one such movie. The movies pulls you in right from the first scene and builds up the suspense and gore that you can't take your eyes away from screen. Well there are some scenes which are not for weak hearted.

Sometimes it felt like we were watching Japanese version of Falling Down but it is not Japanese Falling Down. The protagonist is not like our man from Falling Down. He just keeps taking the beating.

As I am writing this I can see some similarities between the antagonist in this movie and Haneefa from Mahanadhi. He is such a smooth guy that people can easily fall into his trap. The tag that this movie is inspired from true story scares us more than the content of the movie.

I have been seeing only violent movies from Japan I think I should switch over to some light comedies so that I can get different perspective of J…


Well ! Well ! Well ! what can we say about this movie which made most of the cinema fans go crazy during its release? Nolan is like hollywood's Kamal Hassan. Same as how Kamal fans provide wonderful interpretation even for micro facial expresison change by Kamal, Nolan fans support Nolan like anything.
Any criticism which Nolan would be ready to accept will not be acceptable to his fans. Is Interstellar a bad movie? I wouldn't say that but I do not believe in the concept of time travel. Some people believe if they move faster than light they can go back in history. It is like saying if we rotate the earth in reverse direction we will go to the past. I know it is not as simple as that but still I don't think you can go to the past or even the future. There are lot of questions to be answered before we can accept time travel is possible. 
Now regarding Interstellar the wave scene is something which I will remember for a very long time. The thought of us being all alone in a…


I have been wanting to watch this movie for a long time and finally watched it on blu-ray. Unfortunately I had to watch it in two sittings and the overall feeling is mixed on the movie. After watching the movie I wondered if Mel Gibson has a thing for suffering. Right from Braveheart we can see he elaborates the torture scenes with finesse which will make you shift uncomfortably in your seat.

This movie reminded me of The Passion of Christ as this movie brings on screen some really violent scenes. Leaving aside the violent scenes if we look for other things in Apocalypto it does has lot of other things to offer. If you ask me how will I describe it other than being violent I would go for the word haunting and creepy.

The movie is basically a revenge movie but the movie doesn't spend much time on the revenge part as it happens very quickly. We are not given that ultimate satisfaction of watching the hero avenging the enemies in elaborate fashion. Most part of the movie deals with …