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Abdul Kalam

Some great road movies

Travel has always fascinated me and that fascination led me in search of some great road movies. I have listed below some of the greatest road movies and movies focusing on travel.

1) Tracks

This is a great movie set in the Australian outback about a woman who walks 1900 miles with 3 camels and a faithful dog. The movie is purely about that journey and nothing else.

2) Wild

This is similar to Tracks but set in America about a girl who walks 1100 miles.

3) The Way

This is about a father who wants to complete the journey his son couldn't complete. The movie is about the El Camino de Santiago walk. The movie makes you wish to take that walk

4) Rabbit Proof Fence

While the other 3 movies listed above are about people who wanted to embark on the journey this one about three kids forced to take a long journey across the tough Australian outback.

5) The Straight Story

While the other 3 movies listed above are about travelling on foot this one is about a travel on a lawn mover.

6) Charli…

Train Journeys

My childhood was filled with lot of beautiful memories of train travels. As I grew up train journeys got reduced and my last train travel was from Chennai to Salem in 2012 an eventful year. But I continue to cherish those memories and within no time I can travel in my mind to any of those moments. During such times I can even smell the unique scent associated with Indian Railways.

Now the reason I wanted to write this blog was a thought which I used to have while travelling in trains. This thought is linked to the night time travel in trains. Night time in long distance travel is a very interesting experience. As darkness slowly engulfs the environment within the train will get busier. Those days it used to be the dim yet bright yellow lights which have now been replaced by white fluorescent bulbs. People used to get ready for having their dinner and the entire compartment will be more alive with passengers and merchants.

The scenario becomes more interesting when the train stops at …