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I don't if anywhere else in the earth they do maintenance as well as TNEB. Only TNEB dedicates it's 200% attention towards the welfare of its customers by cutting off power for 8 hours for maintenance. They do not want to leave anything to chance so they take every effort possible to ensure top notch maintenance. They can't just do a namesake maintenance for an hour or two, Can they? They would like to maintain it in such a way it works well at least for next few hours. Sometimes they spend so much time for maintenance that they even take few hours every day. Hats Off TNEB.

And all this credit goes to the AIADMK Supremo, Amma, Puratchi Thalaivi, Thanga Tharagai. I wish they bring in some changes in legislation that they can make her the CM till the earth is there. Even after her time her dedicated ministers will rule the state like Barathan did with Rama's Sandals. I sincerely wish all these doesn't become pipe dreams.