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I was wondering if there can be a movie as silly as Shankar's I and Vedalam is the answer for that. The sad part is people claim it to be a blockbuster under masala category. I wonder what made Ajith choose such a movie. The movie constantly reminds of another tamil movie Vedi.

I don't have anything against masala movies and I do enjoy mindless action movies but Vedalam doesn't fit into any of these.

The major issue with movie is the continuity issue. Sometimes we keep wondering what the hell are we looking at and sometimes it looks like we are watching a dubbed movie. I don't know what's the reason to film in Italy or Kolkata because it doesn't add anything to the story. The villains look like jokers.

In the name of comedy they torture you.

The sad thing is we have to keep hearing that Vedalam was a blockbuster and Ajith rules.

Indian Postal Service

Around thanksgiving last year I made a purchase on Amazon UK and December first week the rains hit Chennai. I always choose standard post option which means I will not be able to track the order. I was supposed to receive the product by 24th December. I always receive it atleast a week before the date I am supposed to receive but this time there was no sign of the item.

I knew the reason was the historical rains but I didn't know whom to contact because I neither could contact Amazon nor India Post.

Once it was 2016 I was losing hope but I also felt I might receive the item.

Today they delivered the item. It was like the last scene in the movie Cast Away.

Hats off Indian Postal Service. You are awesome.