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Sicario is one movie which impressed me in a long time. Atleast the first 3 quarters of the movie was in different league and the twist in the climax was not that impressive, atleast for me. Everyone delivered stellar performance right from Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin to Emily Blunt as the brooding women agent.

The cinematography was fantastic, the state of Arizona provides such stunning backdrop for the happenings.

Sometimes I had to just sit through without understanding what the hell was happening but it was still satisfying.

If you are looking for a gripping thriller, this is the movie for you.


It's going to be difficult to utter this stations name in future. How much ever we try we will not be able to ignore the horror which happened.
The scary part is there is a guy roaming around the city who committed such a atrocity in broad daylight. He might just be walking very close to us in road or travelling right next to us in the train or sharing a cup of tea in a tea stall with us.
So many questions, so many thoughts, so many emotions. I am only reminded of Death this post. Everything seems meaningless.