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One of the worst nightmares that can come true is your bike getting punctured when you are on the way to work. If it is in Chennai then it is special.

As per murphys law your bike always get punctured at a place where there wont be any sign of puncture shop in the neat vicinity. It has happened to me umpteen times and every time I had to talk quite some distance to find a shop.

Another specialty is the guy will never come to the place where the bike is. He will always ask you to bring the bike. Pushing the bike with punctured wheel will only do more damage and that is what they expect. Even if you are ready to cough up more money they don't budge.

The first answer you get is the puncture can't be repaired and we have to go for new tube. Important reason is the mouth and the puncture hole is worse because you pushed it all the way to shop at his request.