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I came to know about Sundar through his website I used to follow his website very closely for Rajini related updates which he used to give in a interesting manner. Once I even had the opportunity to talk to him through phone. Though it was once I remember the conversation very well.

I also witnessed his move from to This was indeed a big change. I still wonder what made him to change his direction. Once he moved to his new website I didn't notice any reference to Rajini in any of his post. I even used to wonder if he still considered himself as Rajini's fan.

He became a full time website manager and then I stopped monitoring his website but occasionally used to wonder if he was still running the website.

His new avatar was totally different it made me see a different side of him. I used to wonder can a person be as humble as him. He even had a apt nick name simplesundar.

Today accidentally I came across the new…