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Strange Circus

Watching Strange Circus from the director of Suicide Club was really surrealistic. The movie has different layers and shades that it amuses and confuses at the same time. Though the movie touches upon some uncomfortable topics like incest and sacrilege it quickly moves away and takes us through much more emotional and complex journey.

This is one of those movies where you just sit and wonder what the heck just happened when the credits starts to roll.

If you are not offended easily then this movie is for you.


When I was a school going student I was jealous of college going "Annas" and office going "Appa". I used to long for those days when I will become one. When I became a college going Anna, I felt it will be better to do away with all the studies and be a job going person. The moment I joined a company I didn't get the happiness I was looking for. I am now jealous of my retired father and look forward to retired life. I know it will have it's own pain and I will not enjoy that life as well.

Life is full of pain. The only time we can be happy is the first 3 years before we join school when everyone's attention is on us. When we fall down so many hands will rush to help us. When we cry even a stranger would want to comfort us.

After that even your parents will not come to comfort you when you are crying at a strange place called school. It only gets worse with teachers start acting like dictators, showing favoritism to some. The pain only worsens.