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Wild Tales

Very rarely we come across a movie which gives us 100% satisfaction and Spanish movie Wild Tales is one such movie. Wild Tales is a collection of short movies. In the past there have been such "short movies collection" which has impressed me a lot than full length movies. Such movies include Three Extremes, Paris Jetaime, Chung King Express, Trick or Treat  to name a few.

Wild Tales is a collection of 6 short movies and each one is a gem though certain segments end ambiguously with open questions.

If you ask me to pick the best out of the lot it will be a difficult choice but I would lean toward the segment which will remind us a lot about Falling Down.

Do not miss this movie if you are looking out for some really good movie.

Hail TNEB 2

Hail TNEB post here

Nothing has changed still they continue the maintenance with utmost care 8 hrs a day. It will be good if we can get a record of activities they do during this 8 hours power cut.

Other government agencies should learn from TNEB on customer care.