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Kolamavu Kokila

I only heard positive reviews about this movie. I also read rave reviews about this movie's music. Finally I got the opportunity to watch this movie and I felt the movie was pretty bland and the music was nowhere near Anirudh's other musicals.

One of the comment I read was that this movie was hilarious. The movie didn't even invoke a subtle smile except for that "appalam breaking scene". Yes Nayanathara was different in this movie but there was no way one could connect with the character she portrayed in this movie.

This movie didn't invoke any emotions within me. The movie also doesn't fit into the "it was so bad that it was good" category.

I think my rasanai has to improve to appreciate movies such as this.

Besant Nagar Beach

Just visited Besant Nagar beach yesterday and I could see some difference in the way the wave was hitting the shore. Normally the shore will be slanted towards the sea. The waves will hit the shore and then go back as quickly as it came. But I could see the bed had become flatter and the water stagnates. Even if there is no wave there is some amount of water that is present like a lake. This was something weird has I have never seen it in Marina or in Elliots. Kovalam has a flatter bed compared to the city beaches but it was really weird to see the flat bed yesterday.

Not so good

Off late the movies I have been watching were not very satisfying. Considering that getting time to watch a movie itself is precious these movies just steal that time. Current days it takes me 3 to 4 sittings to watch a movie and at the end of that I am only left with WTF was that.

Some of the movies that gave such feeling recently include

The Lobster - In simple terms this can be termed as having shades of our old movie "Sollamale". But to reach to that point this movie has some bizarre set up and its very difficult to sit through even with some stellar start cast.

Swiss Army Man - Compared to this we can call The Lobster is the most entertaining movie. This is one bizarre movie and I watched it simply fast forwarding and I don't think I missed anything.

Mommy - Though this movie has enough emotional quotient it just never moves on. Either I am unable to understand the plot or the movie itself is designed like that. This is again waste of time with such great acting.