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After almost a week of its release I got the chance to watch the movie. When the movie was over all I was left with were mixed feelings. Nowadays mixed feelings is the only feeling after watching Rajini movies. The problem might also lie with me. I dont know what to expect from a Rajini movie anymore. I go looking for the 90's effect but all I get is something different.

Coming to 2.0 the best part is the flashback part, the rest of the move flies like a bullet train. We are not given any opportunity to settle. It just moves on from one scene to another. We are not able to relate to many of the things such as the Aura, the fifth force.

The flashback and Akshay taking revenge are usual Shankar formula but here he introduces Rajini as counter to Akshay. Rajini becomes the Prakashraj of Anniyan, Charan Raj of Gentleman. Should we root for Rajini or Akshay? The villain can be good hearted only when we are expected to root for him. It was like watching Spiderman movies where sometimes…