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Under the Shandow

This is one gem of a horror movie which should not be missed. This movie proves that we do not need expensive visual effects to scare. This is a simple story of a family n the background of Iran-Iraq war. The movie starts off as a political movie and moves on as a family drama and slowly builds up the tension. The way all these elements are cohesively increasing the tension is impressive.

When all the families in the apartment vacate leaving the mother and daughter alone we can feel their loneliness.

This movie doesn't give any reasons for the demons to do what they do which adds to the tension.

A satisfying scary watch.


The previous post was on 2.0 and this is my view on Petta. I don't think such a thing has happened in the past where two consecutive posts were reviews on a Rajini movie. Rajini's movies were once in a blue moon event but he broke that in 2018 by giving three movies within a short time.

My expectations from his movies has not been met for a long time. I guess it is because of the huge expectations. Even Shankar's movie's didn't satisfy me. The problem is I do not know what to expect and that could well be one of the reasons.

There is lot of negative publicity around Rajini movies especially post Baba. Chandramukhi managed to survive it but right from Sivaji there has been attempt to create negative images through talks about his movies making losses. It peaked in Linga to an extent people like to forget that such a movie was made. But if you ask me Linga was a decent attempt compared to some of the recently celebrated movies.

Now social media is filled with so cal…