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What would someone consider as success in a persons life? When can someone say that the person has lived a successful life? What is success? Is it all about money or is it much more than that?

We call anyone who has earned more wealth as a successful person. Is that success all about? There are people who had more money but now they don't. So does it mean that success is all about earning more wealth and sustaining it? There are people with more wealth but tarnished name should we consider them in successful list?

Does GOD also play a role in defining success? There is someone who has earned more when he is 21 than anyone who is 60 but dies at 22. Will we call him a success? There is someone who has earned just enough wealth but lived till 80 and has seen granddaughters/grandsons children, should we call them success? A child who loses his parent young grows up to be a wealthy person is he successful or a child who cherishes his parents love and lives to see their parents complet…