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Normally many bloggers will have an attitude. I have observed that in many blogs may be you have observed it in my blogs too through my posts on traffic. Sometimes the attitude will be for genuine cases but most of the time they have such an ego that they will pass judgement on everything that crawls on the earth. Some might say I m passing judgement on them. Those who has mind let them think. One such person I have noticed in blog world is Charu Nivedita.
Almost all his blogs blasts others opinions or will praise himself. Self confidence is something but what he displays through his posts does not fall under self confidence it more sidelines with arrogance. He blasts someone for no reason and he praises someone who lives in eskimo world. He calls himself as the best writer ever existed. The only surprising thing is that he says he has so many admirers. The only way to be an admirer of Charu is by being a Masochist.