When it rains in Chennai the same roads which we took in the morning easily can become traps in the evening. Driving through the same road day and again you become so familiar with the potholes as if they are your fingerprints. During return with water logging the same roads may look like lake Mekong.

But that is not the thing that I wanted to highlight. When there is water stagnant in the road and we are riding a bike, we are familiar with situations where carwalas speeding past us without caring about splashing water all over us. But when the same is done by someone who is also riding a bike what can we call them? Chennai is filled with such fools all over.


Two things are certain in life birth and death. Nowadays birth is not certain. Between this birth and death what do we accomplish? Only few becomes legends and Kalaignar is definitely one. With him goes so many memories.


Watched Kaala in PVR Grand Galada. My first time to a PVR and it was Dolby Atmos but one of the speakers at the top was vibrating and jarring at certain instances. Popcorn is 240 for regular size and they don't provide one extra cup when asked to convince a kid. The crowd to buy that popcorn has to be blamed not them for such exorbitant price. I was one among the crowd but I couldn't find an alternate way to keep my kid cool through the 3 hour movie. Yes the theater owners are having a grand time and the movie is about such corporate owners :).

*** Spoilers Ahead **
Coming to the movie even before it was released I expected Rajini to die in the end and it did happen but was surprised that it was not discussed in any of the reviews. Again I am not sure if the people misunderstood the hallucinated Rajini to be Kaala alive.

The climax with all its colors and the background score was awesome. The BGM throughout the movie was fantastic. There is also a Agni Natchathiram kind of BG…

After Death

Recently read an article that it takes a decade for a body to fully decompose to skeleton state when buried 6 feet under. I always assumed it will be a lot faster than that. It is kind of scary to lie there for a decade waiting to decompose.


Sometimes countries sign peace treaty after millions of life is lost in war. The people who lost their life never get to live to see that.

After lives lost it is announced that Sterlite will be closed permanently. If only this decision was taken few days ago?

It's a mad mad mad mad world

It's been a long time since I laughed hard like this. This is one movie which was in my watch list for a long time and finally watched it over the weekend. This movie run time is over 3 hours and you won't be bored even for a second.

The movie stars the legendary Spencer Tracy and while I am only used to a serious Spencer Tracy from Dr.Jekyll and Hyde, this movie showed a different Tracy.

This movie has so many subtle comic elements to it that it will definitely warrant a second viewing to absorb all those moments.

If you are someone who is looking for a break from the serious side of life plunge into this movie.

We do not see movies like this anymore. Rat Race is one movie which resembles this a lot.

In Tamil Crazy and Kamal only can match such a laugh riot.

Some Experiences

Some experiences in life stays with you forever. You will be able to relive those memories again and again in your mind. Even if we get another chance to experience it, it will never be the same as the first time. And when we look back and realize that the first time is the only time and we will not get another chance it mind of incites a feeling within which I am unable to explain. Those experiences and memories are so unique that no one else however close they may be will be able to experience it as we did.