Non-healing wounds

There is a saying that time heals everything but I guess even that comes with exceptions. There are indeed certain wounds which doesn't heal even after long time. Sometimes it can even become more painful. It's like once the damage is done it's permanent. Everybody gets one life and for many that is not a pleasant experience.

There's also another saying count your blessings sometimes even 1000 blessings cannot heal one disaster.

The "road not taken" feeling is for another blog.


While we were young Bhogi used to be more special than Pongal. The preparation for Bhogi starts few days earlier in terms of buying the best drum. Especially the Saidapet market area used to have so many varieties in drums right from the original "clay skin drum" to latest plastic ones.

Once you buy the clay skin drum the next job is to have a proper drum beating stick. It will be mostly a stick from broomstick with a ball of tar placed at the top. We used to search for tar melt it and them put it as a cap at the end of the stick. With the right size your drum will generate great noise.

Will the drum in hand we will be running around making a hell of noise.

Then comes the actual burning and heating your drum over the roaring fire and tuning it is a pleasant experience.

As we grew it became more about staying awake the entire night for Bhogi but getting permission from parents was difficult owing to the weather. Still we used to stay awake late and get up early. The thicker …

Welcome Thalaiva


Being Rajinikanth

Being Rajinikanth is very difficult. Till the advent of the social media I did not see so much negativity. Every word he says and every move he makes is given a negative meaning. It is indeed surprising how he manages this and still able to work on movies. It is very difficult to ignore such negative remarks. Though it is a possibility it is only a small number voices such negative remarks but that is the only remark we see in social media. I did not see a single positive comment except from some dedicated Rajini fan groups.

Though I agree that some of his traits of not conveying what's on his mind clearly and always providing a stoic silence as his response to many of the critiques on him is up for debate I do not think that it warrants such negative remarks.

I really wish he clears all ambiguity on 31st Dec as already announced. If he again provides an ambiguous statement then it will only make being Rajinikanth a lot more difficult.

Life Lost

A life lost due to idiots constructing arches in the middle of the road. All dreams lost in a second by a truck coming in the wrong side. If only they hadn't constructed the arch, if only the truck hadn't come the wrong way another person flouting the rule would have finished the job.

I remember this blog I wrote in 2008. Nothing has changed. Everyday I witness people flouting one way rule near Palavanthangal subway. Even if hundred people are killed these people won't change. Because of these people flouting rules following rules has become dangerous.

Dare mo shiranai - Nobody Knows

Had the opportunity to watch this movie and I felt that this was another Grave of the fire flies (GoFF). GoFF was an animation movie which shows the impact of war through the life of a brother and sister who get separated from their family. Nobody knows shows the plight of 4 children who had to go through hardships when they are abandoned by their mother.

The movie doesn't dwell much on the tear inducing moments rather shows them mostly cheerful throughout the movie but we can feel what they must be going through.

Again watching movies from varied cultures just proves one thing that life is same everywhere, emotions are same everywhere, morals are same everywhere just the languages are different.

Wild Tales

Very rarely we come across a movie which gives us 100% satisfaction and Spanish movie Wild Tales is one such movie. Wild Tales is a collection of short movies. In the past there have been such "short movies collection" which has impressed me a lot than full length movies. Such movies include Three Extremes, Paris Jetaime, Chung King Express, Trick or Treat  to name a few.

Wild Tales is a collection of 6 short movies and each one is a gem though certain segments end ambiguously with open questions.

If you ask me to pick the best out of the lot it will be a difficult choice but I would lean toward the segment which will remind us a lot about Falling Down.

Do not miss this movie if you are looking out for some really good movie.