Friday, August 15, 2014


Close on the heals of The Chaser here is another post on another great Korean movie. This movie is all about being kind and about friendship. When we watch such other language movies we can see how much our culture and their culture, our thinking and their thinking, our life and their life are similar. We always imagine that the life among people who live far away from us will be very exotic or too tragic but we will be surprised to see that they are exactly the same. It is also surprising that the moral values are also same across the globe.

Coming to this movie we will feel shocked and sad for the life of woman who suffers a lot under her husband and gossip mongers. It resembles some of our old Tamil movies. I can immediately think of a Tamil movie called "Porter Kandhan" where the hero goes through trouble after trouble till the last scene of the movie.

It is the same heroine from The Chaser and the acting is top notch and the message conveyed is beautiful. Since I didn't know what to expect from the movie right from the start every scene was engaging and made me wonder where all was going. The ending is different and I felt it was a great ending. This is one movie which you shouldn't miss.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Chaser

Korean movies are always a delight and I landed up with the Chaser as I was browsing through IMDB. I wanted to give it a try and started watching. I was completely enthralled by the story, the acting, the direction etc.

The movie climaxed in 15 mins and when we all think what more could happen the story starts. Though its a simple cat and mouse game which we have seen in other movies this one is packaged very differently. It has lot of stories interwoven and each character is a delight to observe.

Till now I have only had very good experience with Korean movies may be we see only those movies which are good. But still good movies made here or in Hollywood doesn't match the Korean movies.

This is one movie which is up there.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The Way

Why do we love movies and books? There are many reasons for that and one main reason among them is you can watch someone do the things that you want to do but is not in a position to do. Being a person who would love to travel around but not in a position to do Movies provide the easiest solution for my problem. That's one main reason for me being a fan of road movies. Road movies in any form be it horror, drama, comedy I just love them.

Now coming to the point, I recently watched a really beautiful movie called "The Way". Until I watched the movie I was not even aware there is such a thing called Camino de Santiago. Ever since seeing the movie I have a great urge to participate in the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage starts from France and moves through the mountains of Spain.

It does have a documentary feel but with a story line. The walk is beautiful. We feel like we are walking the same path that Martin sheen takes. When he settles in a inn we are there with him. During night when its just the stars to his company we can feel the cool breeze.

This is one movie which a road movie fan should not miss.

Monday, July 07, 2014


As I was reading through Heartstone I felt "What an awful book". Sometimes I felt I was more intelligent than the author and pitied him for using hypnotism as the main basis for the book. I felt I could guess the ending even when I was only through the quarter of the book.

But I have to give it to Phillip Margolin for making a fool out of myself. He is such a good author he makes you believe something and he leaves lot of open clues for us to think that the novel is going to end in certain way. But all of sudden there will come another clue and he will make us feel "Oh I get it !! its going to end this way" but before that feeling can die you will be staring at another angle.

Though there were certain parts of the books where I felt bored and scanned paragraphs the book was engaging. There were indeed too many characters and I found it difficult to remember who is who but all the characters were tied in the end and there was one great fiction in the end. Almost all the characters were important.

Now I have taken "The Burning Man" from the same author which is my third book from the same author. Looking forward to another exciting journey.