It's a mad mad mad mad world

It's been a long time since I laughed hard like this. This is one movie which was in my watch list for a long time and finally watched it over the weekend. This movie run time is over 3 hours and you won't be bored even for a second.

The movie stars the legendary Spencer Tracy and while I am only used to a serious Spencer Tracy from Dr.Jekyll and Hyde, this movie showed a different Tracy.

This movie has so many subtle comic elements to it that it will definitely warrant a second viewing to absorb all those moments.

If you are someone who is looking for a break from the serious side of life plunge into this movie.

We do not see movies like this anymore. Rat Race is one movie which resembles this a lot.

In Tamil Crazy and Kamal only can match such a laugh riot.

Some Experiences

Some experiences in life stays with you forever. You will be able to relive those memories again and again in your mind. Even if we get another chance to experience it, it will never be the same as the first time. And when we look back and realize that the first time is the only time and we will not get another chance it mind of incites a feeling within which I am unable to explain. Those experiences and memories are so unique that no one else however close they may be will be able to experience it as we did.

Chennai to Dindigul

Though a big fan of road trips in movies and in life was not fortunate enough to go on many such trips. This weekend completed my third road trip and this one is the longest.

My first one was from Chennai to Cuddalore and it was close to 200 Kms each way. The second one was Chennai to Trichy which was 300 Kms each way. The last one was Chennai to Dindigul and it was 400 Kms each way.

Me and my friend started from Palavanthangal at 8:30 AM. After filling the tank to full and checking Nitrogen in tyres we hit the road. The plan was to pick up another friend in Chengelpat. After a brief stop at Chengelpet we were on the highway. There was close to 5 to 6 tolls and each one costs a lot. There were huge queues in each of of the tolls.

We had a brief stop for restroom and snacks around 1130 closer to Villupuram. Then we made our biggest mistake by taking Trichy bypass and were on our way to Madurai. We had another brief halt for lunch and didn't realise were on wrong route until we che…


Got the chance to watch Dangal today and was totally blown away. It has been quite sometime I saw such an engaging movie. Though I always hesitate to watch movies based on sports or biographical movies most of them have always been enjoyable.

One of the good thing about Dangal is at no point it seemed like we were watching a movie. When we were watching the matches it looked like we were watch live relay of the match.

Excellent work by the team and if all that happened in the movie are true then it was one hell of an effort by the real Mahavir.



Tamil Cinema and Politics

Never imagined that a day will come when we will see the last of Kamal and Rajini movies. With current path they have chosen Kamal has already indicated that Indian 2 will be his last. Rajini hasn't confirmed yet. In the euphoria of their political entry no one is actually talking about the void this will leave in Tamil Cinema. At least Rajini has been playing hide and seek about his last movie but Kamal's move was totally unexpected. We always thought he will never leave cinema.

The debate or Rajini vs Kamal is still one of the most favorite topic in Tamil Cinema but now it has to be discussed in the context of politics. Lot of unexpected things only proves that it is difficult to predict life.

Non-healing wounds

There is a saying that time heals everything but I guess even that comes with exceptions. There are indeed certain wounds which doesn't heal even after long time. Sometimes it can even become more painful. It's like once the damage is done it's permanent. Everybody gets one life and for many that is not a pleasant experience.

There's also another saying count your blessings sometimes even 1000 blessings cannot heal one disaster.

The "road not taken" feeling is for another blog.