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Another Thalaivar movie and another review. With some of the older movies expectation for Rajini movie has reduced. Petta was something which delivered what 2.0, Kaala or Kabali failed to deliver. But still even with Petta there was something missing. Also when watching movie with 5 yo and 2.5 yo kid is your focus on movie will be very less. Only when you watch it second time without them we will be able to watch it with full focus.

Darbar I felt was a simple revenge movie with a climax fight between Hero and Villain. It has been presented in the backdrop of a bad Mumbai cop.

But Rajini looks even more energetic compared to Petta. He looks young with every movie and plays to his age at the same time. Except for the routing climax we can enjoy the movie as a regular movie and Thalaivar stands tall at the end.
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In the past I have avoided many things just to have some peace of mind. This includes avoiding people as well. This habit of mine started long time ago and I find it's relevance increasing day by day. 
Everyone is wired differently, agreed, but some stands taken by people are highly irritating. Even if you beat a fool nothing will go into his head. So there is no way we can change the people. The only thing we can do is to change ourselves. 
But everyday my circle keeps reducing. I started avoiding Television, News paper, certain whatsapp groups and certain webites which I used to visit frequently. I am not there in facebook for the same reason. 
I am a Twitter addict. In Twitter we can follow only people who are like minded which is the best part of it. But somehow toxic news finds my timeline through some route. I do not want to get out of Twitter as well. It is going to be a test of my tolerance.

Pariyerum Perumal

There were lot of good reviews for this movie and this is the first movie I watched post my Amazon Prime subscription. I was actually disappointed as I didn't feel how the other reviewers felt.

From the time Tamil Cinema started we have seen love stories between low caste and upper caster girl and boy. Sometimes it will be religion sometimes economical differences. This movie also has this as the main story plot. The story didn't move cohesively I couldn't gel with the flow.

The movie has some really shocking moments. I agree to that but that alone cannot make a movie interesting.

Some filmmakers make violence look so good that you will enjoy it even through you know it is not possible in real life ex: Kill Bill. Some filmmakers don't do that and show violence as it is. Sometimes this can be interesting sometimes it can go blah. For some reason I felt Pariyerum fell into the not interesting category.

I also couldn't figure out why the old man did what he did in th…

Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom

Is it possible to make a dinosaur movie which you will hate to the core? Yes it is possible. go watch Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom.

Even the first part of Jurassic World was not that great but still we can tolerate it but this installment just nails it.

One idiotic moment after another is just shoved into your face. It is like the crew thought as long as there is a roaring dinosaur in each scene the people will lap it up.

The concept of dinosaur's behaving like loyal dogs was an issue with the first part. Here along with that you get to see lot of stupid stuffs.

It is like they had put Volcano, Jurassic Park : Lost World, Aliens and Insidious into a mixer and out came this junk.

They go to an island to save dinosaurs from volcano. Even in the trailer it didn't look convincing. They are not bunch of chickens who can be transported. The people who went to save the dinosaurs run along with them to escape from the erupting volcano. The beauty is they escape from each danger un…


Can you go and place cut outs or banners in the side of any road in London, New York or Los Angeles? No you cannot. You will be immediately booked.

There is one country in the world which gives that total freedom which no other country provides. Yes that is India.

But the interesting thing is whenever a mishap happens the officials will give a statement saying they didn't give permission for erecting that banner. There cannot be a much more incompetent statement than that.

In a day we can see so many banners for how many of them did the officials give permission or the erectors took permission? Zilch. Now how many people have been booked for not getting permission to erect banners? Zilch. As long as everything goes without any issues anything is fine in this country. When something bad happens these guys shirk their responsibility and say they did not give permission.

I would say these officials who didn't take action against people violating the law are bigger culprits than …

Apocalypse now - Redux

After little more than a decade I watched Apocalypse Now again. I had totally forgotten everything including the plot about the movie. It is scary that I had forgotten so much while I felt the exact same things that I had felt one year ago. As I came to write my feelings here I just searched if I had written a piece earlier about this movie and found that I had indeed. Only after reading that I found that I had had the same feelings 10 years ago and every single feeling has been erased from the memory.

Just proves how volatile our memory is.

Here is my earlier view about the movie.

I feel it is still a great movie but you need lot of patience to sit through it.

So long, my friend

The news that my best friend is no more came as a rude shock to me. Best friends stay always in touch, not in my case. The last I met him was 6 years ago in Mar 2013. That visit happened after almost 12 years if I am right. With him goes so many pages in my life. There are so many firsts that happened with him. He was like a pillar of strength during the school days. Even though we had to go separate ways right after eleventh we managed to keep in touch, that is till 2013.

Not a single day goes without me planning a visit to meet him but now when I know that the visit is never going to happen it is indeed painful. I curse myself for not making that visit. So many unspoken words will now remain unspoken.

Nungambakkam was the connecting point for us. How many times I have walked through Loyola to his home. The last time we met he dropped me at Nungambakkam station. I never knew that will be the last time I will see him. I was going through a rough patch at that time and he spoke so man…