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Sad day

Two pigeons had formed a nest in our home. They have been there for more than two months. Two small birds were hatched a month back. The first thing I do when I come out in the morning is to check for those birds. The big ones used to fly away seeing me but the small ones will remain in the nest. During night one of the big pigeon will stay with the small ones while the other one will stay little further. It had become a habit for me to check those pigeons day and night.

Yesterday a Narikurava guy had hit one of the pigeons where we were not there. Now one of the big ones is dead and there were blood all over. When I had to dispose of the body it was one the most difficult thing to do. When I lifted its body by holding its legs it was difficult to believe this was the one which was so full of life. This was the one which used to stay little further from the small ones. Last night when I looked at the place where it used to sit, it was empty. I could feel what the other big pigeon mig…

Jesus and the criminals

When Jesus was crucified the Romans also crucified two thieves on both sides of Jesus. One of the thief mocked at Jesus when the other scolded him saying that they were being punished for the wrong they did  but Jesus was being punished even though he didn't commit any wrong. But for some Jesus and the robbers are the same as both were punished.

When Baba bombed at box office some people shed crocodile tears in front of camera but celebrated the failure as they thought Rajini deserved it.

Be very careful in choosing your friend.