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Watched Kochadaiyan today at Sathyam and was pleasantly surprised. From the day the movie was announced I have been negative about this movie owing to the track record of Soundarya. I never thought this movie would see the release date and was very skeptical about the quality. But when I saw the movie today it was not as bad as I feared and in fact it was a enjoyable fare.

After reading so many reviews both good and bad and listening to the comments from people who had seen both good and bad my expectation was in control. While watching the movie I was especially keenly observing for all the negative points I heard and read and was surprised it was not the way I heard and it was better.

Overall the movie has interesting story line and dialogues by KSR supported by great music by ARR and to top it has Super Star.

It was a very good experience its really sad to see some small section of the people make it look like a disaster.