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As I was reading through Heartstone I felt "What an awful book". Sometimes I felt I was more intelligent than the author and pitied him for using hypnotism as the main basis for the book. I felt I could guess the ending even when I was only through the quarter of the book.

But I have to give it to Phillip Margolin for making a fool out of myself. He is such a good author he makes you believe something and he leaves lot of open clues for us to think that the novel is going to end in certain way. But all of sudden there will come another clue and he will make us feel "Oh I get it !! its going to end this way" but before that feeling can die you will be staring at another angle.

Though there were certain parts of the books where I felt bored and scanned paragraphs the book was engaging. There were indeed too many characters and I found it difficult to remember who is who but all the characters were tied in the end and there was one great fiction in the end. Almost al…

Pandiya Nadu

Pandiya Nadu is an excellent revenge drama from Suseenthiran. Coming right after Nan Mahan Alla another excellent revenge drama from the same director. When the hero finally takes revenge and you hear the sound of villains skull crashing its a sweet sound. The last scene of Hostel part 1 is one such scene.

In one angle its sad that our mind is accepting such a violence but revenge is always sweet.