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The Jayalalitha Episode

The same people who voted her out during 1996 election are doing unimaginable things to show their loyalty to Amma.

As long as such crowd exists even bin laden can win Tamilnadu elections.

But all this tells us that there exists evil forces which are beyond human understanding which also proves existence of GOD.

A Separation

This movie by Asghar Farhadi made me an immediate fan of him. This is my second Iranian movie after "The Color of Paradise". Again one similarity I noticed in this movie is moral is same in every corner of the world but law is different but it is done in good spirit.

Another revelation was Tehran looks as good as any western city at least whatever was shown in the movie looked very modern. Also life has the same joy and sorrow in Tehran as it is in Kanyakumari. Though we hear that women are not given freedom in Muslim countries this movie has some strong women. They are no different from any women we see in Chennai.

The movie has multiple knots and all are connected to a main plot and it drags you inside like a strong current. We learn a lot about culture and lifestyle in Iran. It is indeed a pity we don't see such simple but strong emotional movies in India.