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Engeyo Kaeta Kural

I happened to watch this movie in Jaya TV today. This is one of the few movies in which Rajini chose to do something outside the regular commercial formula which he is dishing out nowadays. Only when watching these movies we really feel at the decision of Rajini not to do an offbeat movie. Rajini has proved his mettle in doing character roles in many movies and they were successful too but still he chose the commercial route.

People call that Rajini took the easiest route compared to Kamal but I think it is the other way around. For Rajini if the film is successful he is safe else he will be trashed for making a flop movie and for doing commercial movies. In Kamal's case it is a very safe passage. If the movie is a hit he will be praised that he is the man who can make an offbeat movie a commercial success. If it fails he will be praised more saying people didnt understand his view. So either way he is safe.

I feel Rajini despite having the potential to do such artsy movies chose…

Paths of Glory

Just finished reading this book by Jeffrey Archer. When I took this book I never thought I was picking up a book based on a real person. I thought I was picking up a fictional work. After finishing this book I have come out as a person who has learned a lot about a man's passion.

Many things we see today we take many of them for granted and we don't see that they exist because of someone's passion. The spirit of those humans is what that keeps the world going. When compared to such peoples lives the life many of us live is nothing. When we read about their passion and dedication towards their ambition it is very inspiring. Such people are called the Legends.

This book is about one such legend George Leigh Mallory. It talks about that man's passion about conquering the highest peak in the world Mt.Everest and how he went about it during the 1920's.

As The Bible says GOD has given man authority over the earth and everything in earth and man has proved it time and ag…