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Life Lost

A life lost due to idiots constructing arches in the middle of the road. All dreams lost in a second by a truck coming in the wrong side. If only they hadn't constructed the arch, if only the truck hadn't come the wrong way another person flouting the rule would have finished the job.

I remember this blog I wrote in 2008. Nothing has changed. Everyday I witness people flouting one way rule near Palavanthangal subway. Even if hundred people are killed these people won't change. Because of these people flouting rules following rules has become dangerous.

Dare mo shiranai - Nobody Knows

Had the opportunity to watch this movie and I felt that this was another Grave of the fire flies (GoFF). GoFF was an animation movie which shows the impact of war through the life of a brother and sister who get separated from their family. Nobody knows shows the plight of 4 children who had to go through hardships when they are abandoned by their mother.

The movie doesn't dwell much on the tear inducing moments rather shows them mostly cheerful throughout the movie but we can feel what they must be going through.

Again watching movies from varied cultures just proves one thing that life is same everywhere, emotions are same everywhere, morals are same everywhere just the languages are different.