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Welcome Thalaiva

Being Rajinikanth

Being Rajinikanth is very difficult. Till the advent of the social media I did not see so much negativity. Every word he says and every move he makes is given a negative meaning. It is indeed surprising how he manages this and still able to work on movies. It is very difficult to ignore such negative remarks. Though it is a possibility it is only a small number voices such negative remarks but that is the only remark we see in social media. I did not see a single positive comment except from some dedicated Rajini fan groups.

Though I agree that some of his traits of not conveying what's on his mind clearly and always providing a stoic silence as his response to many of the critiques on him is up for debate I do not think that it warrants such negative remarks.

I really wish he clears all ambiguity on 31st Dec as already announced. If he again provides an ambiguous statement then it will only make being Rajinikanth a lot more difficult.