Nacho Libre

I started with and idea of going to Snakes In The Plane but ended up in Nacho Libre with brief thought about Monster House. I liked Jack Black's Shallow Hal and also the promos of Naco Libre were funny so didnt think twice before choosing Nacho.

The first impression of the movie was that the print was not crystal clear. It had a old film look and the dialogue started in Italian or Spanish. Throughout the film the people communicate in English with an accent. The film starts in a monastery where Ignacio (Black) joins as a kid. Its a monastery run for orphans. Ignacio turns youth and becomes the cook for that monastery. Ignacio has a soft corner for the orphan kids.

Once Ignacio gets a chance to witness the fame of a famous luchador (wrestler). He longs for such a fame. He wants to become a great wrestler. For this he partners with a street urchin (Hector Jimenez). They both make a comic pair and starts participating in local wrestling matches.

All the matches are very funny. The one with small gremlin kind of fighters was really funny. But in all the matches they both loose. But they are given money just for fighting though they loose.

In the mean time there runs another parallel plot where a Nun joins the Monastery and Ignacio falls in love with her. He is not sure whether one can fall in love with a Nun.

Ignacio leads a secret life as the wrestler as the monastery doesnt approve of wrestling. Once his identity gets revealed and he is sent out of the monastery.

How Ignacio wins best wrestler in the world for the sake of the orphans forms the rest of the story.

There are lot of funny moments in the movie. The ones I enjoyed where when Ignacio takes the Nun out for a walk and is expecting his friend to stage a drama. But he mistakes two strangers to be his friends men and goes for a fight with them to impress the Nun.

The other one where he sings in a party will definitley make you laugh. His expressions are too funny.

Overall though this is not a classic comedy there are lot of slapstick comedies which makes it watchable.


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