Shawshank Redemption

If there is one movie which talks about hope it is Shawshank Redemption. After hearing a lot about this movie I finally watched it on Saturday. Based on the novel by Stephen King, I expected something sinister but what I saw was a completely different movie. It was a revelation that King could write something other than Horror. The movie is all about what hope can do to a man and people around him. It is about what relationships are and how relationships should be.

The movie starts off with a man being convicted for killing his wife and her lover. He is given double life sentence and is brought to Shawshank Prison. The man who is a banker in real world how he copes inside the prison forms the crux of the movie. The movie is about how he impacts the life of other prisoners.

Tim Robbins acts as the convicted murderer and Morgan Freeman acts as his close friend inside the prison.

There are few movies which will bring a big happy smile in your face (i am not talking about the comedy genre). This movie is one of them. When you watch the ending you just get that smile on your face.

"Everyman has a breaking point" is uttered by the Jailor of this movie which reminded me of our own Kuruthipunal.


cowey said…
"Everyman has a breaking point" is uttered by the Jailor of this movie which reminded me of our own Kuruthipunal.

Rather other way round

"Everyman has a breaking point" uttered by Kamalhassan of this movie reminded me of shawshank redemption.
Dan said…

Kamal fans will vouch for Kamals orginality
Kittu said…
kuruthippunal: i saw the movie again last month. have to say one of the best movie in kamals pipeline. scenes were very original and the dialogues and the background score(from Mahesh) was excellent.

Infact i saw Mahesh who was sitting next to me in a Rotary function. Very simple guy. Being a close friend of maniratnam, he could have even taken the place of Rahman. Destiny called him faster.
Dan said…
mahesh ar rehman aagi iruka chance kamiyo nu manasuku paduthu
Kittu said…
i accept..kandippaaga kammi daan..
But AR ku mani chance tharellenna Illayaraja daan nu sollindu daanae irundom.
Dan said…
athu corect kittu aana chance use panikita credit goes to AR. what says?

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