Life is a Book

Considering life as a book, I have read almost half my life. May be another half is pending. End of each day is like reading one page in life. The remaining pages to be read gets thinner thinner and then just like that "poooh" gone.

Many of the chapters in our life can be grouped logically to make sense.

I am currently standing on the edge of one such logical compilation of chapters.

Each day passing by brings us one step closer to death - the inevitable.

By chance I happened to come across a real autopsy performed. After seeing that it made the fact "this body is nothing" look more strong.

In this short period of time we spend in this world we find people who laugh heartily at somethings, who smile to unknowing strangers on some silly things.

Now I am totally lost. I dont even know what I wanted to write.

One thing is sure I am very eager to know how many pages are still left to be read in my life.


Balaji S Rajan said…
Dan that is very philosophical. I got the same feeling when I went to the burial ground, the next morning of my dad's funeral in 1974. I saw the ashes where the man's body was the previous day. I was too young. But got the philosophy into my mind. I started looking at life in a different angle from then. The best thing to do is enjoy life and live the best. I have been asking your personal mail id. Where are you living now. Please email me at I would like to meet you if you are still in UK.
Janani said…
Ohhh.. That was too philosophical. May be too much of thinking will wake up my rusty brain.

So reading them and just passing on
Dan said…
Thanks for visiting Janani.
venkat said…
Enjoyed your post.I have always felt Life is a strange teacher which teaches you great things when you least expect it. So gear up for new lessons and surprises
Dan said…
Thanks for visiting Venkat.

I saw a persons uto signature which read
Probs keeps teaching me lesson when I have no intention of learning :)

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